Close the Gap

If anything is broken, you fix it.  In today’s world, the trend is to throw it away.  It is rare to find someone willing to invest in much of anything these days; in relationships, ministries, or even career interests.  Once ‘it’ feels off, we discontinue our pursuit.  We toss it off as perhaps it wasn’t genuine to start with.  We justify our lackadaisicalness because we’ve honestly lost our motivation.  Do you know this apathy can be a result of our inability to grow closer to God; to hear His voice?

I recently saw a quote recently on social media asking a couple who had been married 65 years how did they manage to stay together so long.  The wife’s response was priceless.  “We were born in a time when if something was broken, we would FIX it, not throw it away.”  How many things were fixable we willingly let go?  What responsibility do we have to help mend what’s broken?  I totally get sometimes throwing it all away seems easier, but is it worth it?

We live in a time that if we don’t see immediate growth or profit, we are done.  Never attempting to close the gap; we shut done our investment.  Do you know that above any other relationship you will ever have is the one with the One?  The lover of our souls, Jesus?  Marriages are a symbol of His undying love for His bride, but even it doesn’t compare to our relationship with Him. 

Hopefully, we wouldn’t just give up on our marriages because they just don’t seem to be working.  Perhaps it’s not making you happy or meeting your expectation.  Perhaps it seems your spouse has changed and no longer the person you once loved.  These reasons, although they may scream validity can be used as an excuse to stop putting in work.  We all know what happens next.  Exactly what you thought begins to manifest.  You don’t feel the love.  You are constantly annoyed by your spouse.  You become roommates because love has left your once happy nest.  You stopped investing.  You didn’t attempt to close the gap and make things better.  You accepted defeat instead of victory.

The Lover of our souls longs to spend time with us.  It’s music to His ears when we awaken from our slumber to greet Him.  He loves when we prioritize Him and turn to Him first before making a decision.  It excites him when songs of worship are on our lips as we think about how good He is to us.  Do you remember when you first found this love?  I remember my first encounter with God’s love; I couldn’t believe how much He loves little ole’ me!  Who am I that He is mindful of me, that He cares for me (Psalms 8:4)? That He wants to be graced with my presence? And hears me when I call Him?  He cares about us so deeply that He is concerned with every aspect of our lives so much so that He seeks to perfect it (Psalms 138:). 

But make no mistake, there is an investment to be made on our part.  Have you ever felt distanced from God? Have you felt as if you’re doing life alone?  The truth is, He’s never changed.  He’s never left us.  Whenever there is a distance, we are the problem.  And we haven’t stopped to fix it.  As each day passes, the elephant in the room grows bigger.  The distance larger.  Until essentially, we don’t feel God at all and have thrown the most important relationship we have away.  He didn’t do it; we did it.  We succumbed to societal trends.  We want prayers answered NOW.  We want situations to change NOW.  Or perhaps we believe the lies of the enemy that praying and communing with God isn’t worth it to us.  It hasn’t changed anything.  We haven’t changed.  So we stop investing. 

I encourage you ladies to close the gap.  Any space in your life you feel He is not there with you; invite Him back in.  He is a complete gentleman and will never force Himself on you.  He is waiting on you to put your hand in His.  To close your eyes and find sweet rest in Him.  To lay your head on His chest as He breathes life into you.  Close the gap.  Before it’s too late.  He welcomes you with open arms.


Mrs. Resealia McKinney

Mrs. Resealia McKinney

"Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it" (Prov 4:23).