Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable–if anything is excellent or praiseworthy–think about such things. Philippians 4:08


Its more than thinking pretty thoughts. This week as I have been swamped with work and stressing out about getting everything done I thought about just thinking positively. Thinking happy thoughts, and staying on course. Focusing on the task at hand and just moving forward. Thanking God for my job, knowing that at the end of the day I get to go home to my hubby and my dog, and knowing that the harder things get the more I will learn in the end. It was not easy. It was not just me saying that to myself once and then everything worked out, it took reciting this same verse out loud to myself. In my own words, of course since I have not fully mastered remembering verses.

There is a reason this verse is in the bible. Our mind is very powerful and as we think we do. What we fill our minds with is what we dish out into the world. The apostle Paul is asking us to think higher than the trouble of this world. He is asking us to think Christ like. If we are filled with good, well God is good. If we are filled with love, well God is love. If we are filling our minds with things that are praise worthy well God is praise worthy. Do you see what I am getting at here? To have the word of God in our hearts and minds means that we will then be at peace. Doing the opposite will only fill us with worry. Will only fill us with doubt. That is not the life that God has called us to live. He has called us to live a life where we hope. Where we dare to believe the impossible. Where we are filled with his goodness. And no matter the situation, trust me friend He will work for your good.

This week as you are potty training your toddler, think a happy thought; one day your kid will go to the bathroom by his or herself! As you are doubting your husbands love, think instead about Gods love and if you put your spouse in His hands He will deal with Him way better than you can. That pain you are going through will build your faith and endurance. In anything just know that there is always something good, right, lovely or praise worthy to think about and fill your mind with in place of that negative thought.

This whole getting your mind right thing will take time, will take effort but in the end, you will have a mind filled with good things that can only come from the Lord. If you need a reminder, well buy yourself something that will help you. I bought myself a mouse pad that read “Think Pretty Thoughts.” Although it seems shallow it reminds me of this verse and it’s just for me to look down at when work is a bit too much. So get yourself a reminder my friend and begin to think this world with a Christ like mindset.