Have you ever been in a life season where you question what is normal, or what is even happening? Which way is up and down?

Maybe you’re looking at a change of jobs. Maybe you’re moving houses, cities, states, or countries. Maybe your friendships are changing. Maybe everyone else’s life is moving forward and you feel stuck. Or the opposite, your life is racing forward and everyone else is moving at a glacial pace. Maybe your kids’ sleep habits are changing, while wreaking havoc on your sanity. Maybe you’re just trying to survive life and provide for those around you.  

When in the middle of chaos, loss, struggle, vulnerability, or confusion I find myself craving stability. Even when I crave stable truth it is hard to keep a clear vision in the midst of uncertainty. That’s why the “Naomis” of our life are so vital.

In Ruth chapter 3, Ruth and Naomi experienced some life altering changes. They’ve both suffered multiple losses of loved ones. They’ve uprooted: Ruth moved somewhere new and Naomi moved to a city with haunting memories. Honestly, I don’t know which is harder.

Ruth worked herself to the bone providing for both her and Naomi. She learned independence in a male dominated culture. Yet, Naomi, in her old age and limited ability, had the wisdom to see Ruth’s needs and provide for her the only way she knew how.

In Ruth 3:1, Naomi recognized the needs of Ruth, a need for provision and rest. As a result, Naomi proposed a plan. There’s a man, Boaz, that can provide for the two of them. She walked Ruth through her plan step by step. She told Ruth exactly what to do and when to do it. This risky and vulnerable plan could have left Ruth exposed, rejected, and embarrassed. I can imagine Ruth’s anxiety rising as she heard the plan. Yet, she followed through just as Naomi instructed.

There are moments in life when you question which way is up or down, you’re exhausted from working hard just to survive. These are the moments we need a wise and trustworthy Naomi to help us put one foot in front of the other.

I’m thankful for the people like Naomi in my life. These people offer a listening ear. They offer a safe place to brainstorm next steps. In overwhelming moments and insecurity I’m thankful for these older and wiser people who help me gain clear perspective. They see an opportunity, draft a plan, and encourage me to take steps I would never in a million years take on my own. I need people like this in my life. I need the extra push to be vulnerable. I need their excitement and confidence to push me. I need the Naomi’s of my life to help me take steps of faith when I am worn down.

Even after Ruth took action she was left waiting for an answer from Boaz, the potential redeemer able to lift their burdens. Naomi, in all her wisdom encouraged Ruth to do just that: wait.

Even in life’s exhaustion and chaos, even in our brave steps we expect God to answer with a “Yes” and are met with a “wait”, even when we think we can’t keep moving forward there is a Naomi in our life remind us, “Just wait and see what the Lord is doing.”

Sister, we have to trust the Lord is doing something for his glory and our good. It’s part of his promise. It’s part of who he is. Let’s learn to trust him in the restlessness and the waiting.

Who is your Naomi in this season of life? Value what God is speaking through them even when it’s tempting to doubt your situation. How are you being used as a Naomi in someone else’s life who so desperately needs stable trustworthy encouragement and bravery? Speak truth to them even when they hold fear in their eyes. God is at work in these moments of restlessness and waiting.