“In your unfailing love you will lead the people you have redeemed; in Your strength you will guide them to your holy dwelling” – Exodus 15:13

I am, and have been, in a period of uncertainty in my life recently. What is this for? Where is He taking me? I wonder what He’s doing? And then I come across pieces of scripture that I’d swear I’ve never read in those exact same spots of the Bible before, but now they stand up on the page and tell me- “hey girl, Jesus said this was for you today, here.” No matter what- I’m going to walk with you; with My strength I’ll carry you to finish… in my strength.

There is so much beauty in those verses- but this particular piece, I often have to remind myself of… in his strength. He doesn’t say because you love me your life will become magically easy, it simply becomes better. Peaceful. In fact, if I need the strength of Jesus- it sounds to me like it may even be a little difficult, right? There’s endurement here. It’s where you’re going, not what you’re walking through to get there. As His people- we’re going to face adversity. The Bible tells us this over and over.

  • James 1:2-4 Not if you have trials BUT WHEN
  • 1st Peter 1- Though for a little while you may suffer
  • John 16:33- Many trials on Earth, but I’ve overcome it all
  • Psalm 34- Many have trouble but the Lord delivers them all

Do we see a pattern here? In 2 Corinthians 1 it says our troubles are so hard, too hard, that we cannot bear them on our own. That this is not by accident but so that you can see that You need a Father, THE Father. Philippians 4 says yeah it’s going to happen, but be content in everything that you do- hungry or fed, plenty or in want. Romans 5 even tells us WHY we suffer. Suffer and persevere because perseverance builds character and character hope. Hebrews 12 says we are being perfected in faith- to throw out everything that hinders you… and so I thought.. what is that to me? And I immediately knew it was myself.

We’ve got to throw out ourselves. We live in an uneven world full of temporary satisfaction. Temporary. People, money, status- it’s all for a short time. Paul said over and over in books like Galatians and 1st Thessalonians stop trying to please people and start trying to please God. How hard is that? Die to self. Quit carrying around chains and Pick. Up. Your. Cross. The cross may be bigger; it’s also lighter. Put down what’s holding you back, what’s weighing you down. Put it down and do not pick it back up. Pick up the cross instead, choose Jesus instead.. and just die. Die to be free; Die to live. Walk the path, even when it’s hard- He’s with you, you need only let Him be… carrying us all differently, personally, purposefully- to the end and it’s in He alone that we find strength.

“He is before everything and by Him all things all held together” Colossians 1:1

He knows you hurt, He feels your pain, and He’s ahead of you. He’s made you a way.. so walk.