As women, we are born to be world changers.  Change agents with the ability to change the atmosphere in our homes and within our relationships.  Although seemingly unfair at times, change often starts with us.  We can walk into a room and change the thermostat from tense and cold to calm and peaceful.  We can speak life into those that are hurting and discouraged so much so that they leave our presence joyful and changed for the better.  Of course we can’t credit ourselves for changing anything.  It’s not in us to change ourselves, let alone other people. 

But Jesus Christ changes us and this change spills into every area of our lives and touches everyone we encounter.  The more we seek Christ through the word of God and prayer, the more change takes place.  This is our boot camp so to speak, where we are in training to become more like Christ.  We learned to represent Him well in the earth.  We are trained to become change agents.  Undefeated and unconquerable.  Bold and fearless.  Literally a force to be reckoned with!  This force is not earthly, it is a spiritual force that can produce change in the earth.  It does not represent us or makes us known; instead it makes Him known. 

In the movie, ‘Wonder Woman’ learned about a massive conflict that would affect all in the outside world; there is an intense conflict in the world we live in.  Convinced she could stop the threat, she had to leave the shelter she grew up in.  She had to get out of her comfort zone.  She had to trust she could put an end to this raging war. 

Do you know you have an enemy always seeking to devour you?  He wants to destroy you and everything you stand for.  However, we too have to know with everything in us that our God has already won the victory for us; we can’t be conquered!  Let that soak in… We can’t be conquered!  But we can change and dispel strategic plans of the enemy of our souls.

Although we may not dress in costume or carry around a physical shield to dodge everything thrown at us, but we fight nonetheless.  We fight in prayer when other tactics just won’t work.  Fervent prayer accomplishes much (James 5:16).  We put on the whole armor of God (Ephesians 6:10 – 18) to ensure we always win. We ensure that when the battle is over we are the last ones standing.  Study these scriptures and meditate on them so you can walk them out.  Live them daily. 

Learn how to fight.  Learn how to win.  Discover your true power lies in Him.  And discover your destiny is in His will for your life.  Discover the wonder in you, woman of God.  He marvels at you.  He marvels when you release the essence of your being to Him.  Also, He marvels when you allow Him to liberate you and change you from the inside out.  He marvels when change occurs because of your prayers.  And He marvels when you go deeper in Him through His word.  Although your training period may never come to an end; He is sending you forth to win!  


Mrs. Resealia McKinney

Mrs. Resealia McKinney

"Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it" (Prov 4:23).