Over a year ago, I found myself in the position of asking God “Why Lord?  Why am I discovering myself in the midst of a career change, and the change is requiring me to accept a pay-cut, and is requiring me to take a job that I am not at all passionate about?”

“Why Lord, is life requiring me to leave a position that I truly love (well, most of the time…)?”

Also, “Why oh why am I headed in a backward direction, career-wise and financially?”

Have you been in a similar position?  Has God taken you out of someplace where you were relatively happy, and instead placed you in a situation that you did not understand?

You see, the Lord called me out of one position that I truly cared about and had sought for many years, and into something entirely different, that I had never envisioned myself doing at all…

Proverbs 19:21 (MSG)

We humans keep brainstorming options and plans, but God’s purpose prevails.

It has taken me many years and many experiences to learn that I truly have control of nothing.  When I look back at almost every choice that I thought that “I” had made for my life; what I chose and pursued, was almost never the end result of any given journey.  But, the end result was ALWAYS BETTER than anything and I could have planned or pursued!

The plans that the Lord has for my life and your life are amazing! 

For instance, out of the career situation that I mentioned above, came the opportunity to buy a house out of town.   This house fit many of the criteria of what we had been looking for for 10+ years.   This house, which is now “my” house, wasn’t even up for sale.

You see, the owner was my new boss.  He mentioned in passing one day that he might be looking at moving back into town. And the rest is history. One conversation lead to another and then another, and before we knew it, my family was moving into a house in the country. The house/lot that we had dreamed of!

So now, I know why I had been sent on the path to this new job, which hadn’t fit into “my” career path, or “my” plans.

Isn’t God amazing?!?!

The many many times that my life’s path has been re-directed, in one way or another, have been long, tough journeys; but God has always sent me out into the World, pointed toward something amazing and uniquely designed just for me!   He does the same for you too.   Trust His Holy intelligence and amazing plan for each of us!

Thank you Lord, for YOUR plan and purpose for our lives!   For, YOU know best!  Amen.