I wholeheartedly consider myself as being a Christian all of my life; having grown up in a Christian household and in a very strong church that taught me so much. It wasn’t, however, until 2013 that the depth of my connection with God reached a level never before known by me. That year, one of my sons had an accident, which ruptured his kidney to a nearly inoperable state. He was 6.

While in the local hospital that evening, we learned that he was born with only 1 kidney. Therefore, the only kidney that he had, was now severally damaged. As I learned of the level of internal bleeding in my dear child, I was not surprised when they doctor informed us that he would be life-flighted to a Children’s Hospital that could handle this type of specialty case. I was shocked, however, when we were told that we were taking a Jet, not a Helicopter, because “a Helicopter wouldn’t get us there fast enough.”

During that terrifying flight, the extent of my reliance of God, was taken to the highest level possible, as I pleaded with Him to save my dear child.

As I sat in the front of that Jet, listening to the sounds of the medical staff caring for my child on the other side of a curtain, I did the only thing that I was able to do to help my boy; I prayed. I prayed nonstop, mostly incoherent prayers, while sobbing uncontrollably onto the lap of our Lord.

Yet, He understood my prayers, and held me and my son during this dilemma. When we reached the Children’s Hospital, and were rushed to an Emergency Operating Room, surrounded by medical professionals, numbering too many to count; yet, I felt an unusual sense of calm in my heart. I felt confident that we were in the best hands possible.

And we were. We were in the hands of God. His mighty hands held onto my baby boy, and healed him! When the pediatric urology surgeon took one last look at the damaged kidney via ultrasound, just prior to surgery, she stuttered in surprise as she said “….we don’t need to operate….his kidney laceration (stemming 4 different directions) has closed itself and stopped bleeding.” Then the surgeon said “This is a true miracle!”

My son still has not had a kidney surgery to date, and he is a living, walking miracle of God, every single day.

Ever since that day, I have clung to God with all of my soul, and have rode a rollercoaster of strength and learning, of trust and fulfillment, and of guidance and truth. The enormous change is my heart, caused by never-ending gratitude to God, has been life enhancing to say the least!

My favorite, most embraced, turned to every day, Bible Verse is:

My Grace is sufficient for you, for my strength is made perfect in weakness. 2 Corinthians 12:9