Immersed in Christian culture is a way I would describe my life. 

My amazing, yet sometimes crazy family (which includes 2 loving parents and 3 younger siblings) was in church every time the doors were opened throughout my childhood.  I graduated from a Christian School and a Christian college.  I worked at a church for a couple years and now my husband and I are helping plant a church.  To say I was immersed in Christian culture is putting it simply. 

Because I was in church so often, I thought the ‘proper way to be a Christian’ meant checking things off a list:  reading my Bible, serving in church, telling others about Jesus, etc.  I had a genuine relationship with Him, but sometimes it was simply easier ‘doing the Christian thing.’  I desperately desired to have a real and deep relationship with Jesus, however, I had to figure out what that meant.  I finally recognized that going to church was good, but it was not enough… Jesus is enough!  My heart ached to know Him. 

After about six months of marriage, my husband and I quit our jobs and moved to Charlotte, North Carolina to be a part of Elevation Church.  This is when Jesus started radically changing my relationship with Him.  He started showing me who He is and how He wants to be an intricate part of every aspect of my life.  Two years later, my husband and I moved again  — to Nashville, Tennessee — to help my brother and sister-in-law start a church.  After this move, Jesus started taking me even deeper – showing me who He has called me to be, how to deeply care about those around me, & how to love like Him.

Being immersed in Christian culture growing up shaped my faith and I am forever grateful.  It taught me so many truths from Scripture, but I learned that knowing ABOUT the Bible is not nearly good enough or as exciting as truly knowing Jesus. Now Jesus and I are on this humbling, amazing, hard, exhilarating journey – to deeply know Him (and it usually includes a weekly coffee date!)