How have you been feeling lately, dear Friend? Do you feel incomplete in some or other ways in your life today?

Several years ago, someone commented to me that I have lesser roles than this person, and hence I am more energetic, and active in other ministries. My head took a spin to quickly jot down that one role I didn’t have compared to this person- I was not a mother. I loved every kid I met and taught in my community, but that day I was reminded I didn’t have one of my own. The hurt penetrated deep within the chambers of my heart. I had been silently praying for the blessing of my womb those days, and the remark made me feel incomplete all over again.

That night as I sat up on my bed, I was reminded of a woman named Peninnah who provoked Hannah sorely, because the latter had no children in 1 Samuel 1:6 Hannah knew her womb was closed but it was the provocation by Peninnah “year after year” that made her life unbearable. The pain and heartache of Hannah drove her to feet of her Creator. There is fullness of joy at the feet of Jesus.

Friend, do you get constantly reminded of your struggles by others in your life?

Do you get belittling comments about your choice to be a stay at home mom or a working single mom?

Do your married friends drop in comments about your single life or plans to get pregnant like them?

Are you reminded of how your profession doesn’t make enough money like your other family members?

Then, may I take this time to remind you something that is far more comforting to hear?

You are complete in Christ Jesus, who is the head of all principality and power. (Colossians 2 :10)

When we begin to accept this liberating truth about how God sees us our marriages are happier, our single life is not lonelier, and our vocation in life is more meaningful despite our imperfections.

God doesn’t call out on our imperfections, nor does He ever make us feel inferior like man. It is up to us to believe and confess this with our whole heart that we are complete in Him-today. We must remember that God doesn’t see us complete based on our race, achievements, or physical traits, but based on WHO WE ARE IN CHRIST.

He writes our destiny and has our blueprint written down before our conception and birth. We are never a mistake for Him, and our life story is going exactly like He planned for us. These painful reminders by the Peninnah’s of this world are simply sweet moldings to proclaim God’s Glory through our lives.

Our vision about our life is very limited as we tend to just see the flaws pointed out by others in our lives, but God’s vision and blessing for our lives is innumerable like the stars in the sky.

So, the next time you find yourself in a situation that makes you feel incomplete, don’t fight back, run to Jesus and praise him for the victory He is about to give you, and the completion you have in this God head.

NEVER FORGET :We are complete because of who we are in Christ!!

For you are complete In Christ, who is the head of all principality and power (Colossians 2:10)

Until we meet again here,


Diana Abe

Diana Abe

I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus -Philippians 3:14 (KJV)