I’m a  southern girl from Tuscaloosa Alabama that has always known that the Lord had big plans for her. I grew up dancing & pouring myself into my studies.  I’m a former pageant girl with five younger sisters, an Auburn fan who grew up in enemy territory, & a mama of a dingo that sings on command.  I have a deep love of all things interior design. I’m a dreamer, a writer, & a fierce champion of my people.
 I met Jesus when I was four years old in the parking lot of a Food World grocery store. Through high school I was known as a goody two shoes of sorts based solely on the fact that my faith meant so much to me. I remember having a letter passed to me from my friend Kelli in middle school that said, “Well, I would say a cuss word but I know you wouldn’t appreciate it.” My dad found that note & went on & on about how much it meant to him & how proud he was of me for being a role model & positive influence on my peers. Having grown up in the church it came as quite a surprise that my faith & identity fell out from under me as soon as I walked onto my college campus. I grew up in a family of divorced parents but what that really meant for me was just extra holiday parties & extra love. They loved me so much & ensured that I was always involved in the things I wanted to be involved in & that I was always involved in church. 
 When I walked onto campus, almost simultaneously my mom & step-dad of 13 years decided on a divorce that would take quite a while to settle. Almost all of my friends had left to go to schools far from my hometown & the ones that hadn’t were in serious relationships with the men that would become their forever loves. While I couldn’t have been happier for them, it was hard navigating this big new world of higher academia while my normal was being obliterated. My normal had changed completely & the foundation on which it was built was the only thing I had left & that was Jesus.
 I’ll never forget the day I misplaced Him. I was standing on my Grandmother’s porch under the weight of a familial separation that would eventually end in divorce &, as I looked into a beautiful blue sky I felt my heart say, “What if it’s all just fake? What if God isn’t really real?” For two years or more I completely lost myself because I had completely lost the One in whom I had placed my faith. All of my teachers were atheists & there was so much that I questioned. The dark night of my soul lasted for what seemed like forever & the darkness got so intense that I remember talking to people & thinking, “You’re just a bunch of atoms put together & I’m just imagining this conversation.” I remember being so numb that I thought to myself, “I can’t wait until winter, maybe I’ll feel something again.” Moral relativity settled into the chambers of my heart & suddenly nothing mattered anymore. I began finding my worth in those I dated & eventually dated a guy for three years that was secretly dating another girl the whole time. The Lord has captured his heart since & he actually ended up being a significant influence on my pursuit of Jesus. 
By the grace of God, I was lifted out of that deep, dark pit & reminded of His love & for the past several years He’s been walking me into truth & freedom. I went from not thinking anything mattered to realizing the full truth of how much I mattered to the God who created me & realizing the relationship that He wanted with me. Jesus is my freedom & because of what He’s done in my life, people in my family are realizing their worth. In the past year, three of my five sisters were baptized & the best part is that Jesus isn’t done yet! Life from death, beauty from ashes, purpose lifted out of the pit. The resurrected King has resurrected me & life has never been better.