Ok, ladies, here is an embarrassing confession of a moment when “I” tried to take the credit.  Lord, forgive me, for You God are the reason for all things good!

I became a Published Author (in book form, anyway), this past week.  And, on the same morning that I first saw my name on amazon.com, as an author, I had some big moments in my heart.   I certainly had pride and gratefulness and joy.   The smile could not be wiped from my face!   However, there was a brief point when it was, and in that moment I disappointed myself…

As I was getting ready that morning, preparing to have professional head shots taken, and thinking about the excitement of being an amazon.com author, I caught myself saying out-loud in my bathroom “And I did this all by myself”.

I immediately clasped my hands over my mouth.   Oh no!   I prayed, “I’m sorry Lord!   That was so wrong of me to say!   I know that none of this would have been possible without you.  Thank you for your calling on my life and for the blessing of being a part of this book that flows from You!”

Oh boy, I had just discredited God’s work in my life, by exclaiming out-loud, that “I” did this….

Can’t believe I said that!

What I had been thinking, when I spouted off, was about all of the times that I stayed up most of the night writing, or that I woke up at 2am to write, because my children had been completely uncooperative that week, and deadlines were looming.   And about the responsibilities that come with my husband and I both owning our own businesses, and my feeling that he had not been very successful at allowing me quiet time to write.

I certainly was feeling ungrateful and self-centered at that moment.

In that brief flash of self-pity, I had forgotten just Who made this possible, and it certainly was not me!

Have you ever caught yourself, while thinking about overcome obstacles in life, taking the glory yourself?  It is easy to allow that to happen, but so completely incorrect, because God is the reason for All things Good!  All we need to do is open our hands to his blessings, and they will flow freely from Him.

So here I am, admitting this embarrassing and personal story to you all, in hopes that you may be reminded to Whom all is accredited.  God is the author of our lives and the creator of our moments, our opportunities, and our open (or closed) doors.  Only He has the power to make great things happen!

I am so very grateful to GOD, that I have been given this amazing week, and this profound step forward in my ministry.  Also, I am thankful for his unending grace; because of which I can be confident that my self-centered moments are forgiven.  He knows how much I love and adore Him!

Ladies, seek to notice all of the amazing things that He is doing in your life too!   Give credit where it is due; to the amazing, beautiful creator of all Good!