As she was praying to the Lord, Eli watched her.”

1 Samuel 1:12

I wish I could sit in front of all of you and tell you about Hannah. Hannah has a short appearance in the beginning of 1 Samuel, but what she teaches us is so crucial. After being taunted to the point of tears by her husband’s other wife, and not being fully understood by him and her want for a child, we read that she goes and prays. Hannah was barren and this was something that she needed to give to God to handle.

When you pray, what are you doing? You are honoring God, but you are also putting yourself under his command. When you tell God your issues and whatever it is that you are going through and ultimately ask for His will to be done, you are submitting to Him. When you submit to God you are yielding to His power and authority. So, submitting is good then, right? Yes, it is.

If submitting is a positive action then why do we fight it so much? We fight it because we are wired to believe that this means that you are weak, but we are. Don’t we say that in our weakness He is strong? Don’t we say that God is our strength? If we say all of that and then don’t submit, are we not being hypocrites? Let’s just embrace the truth; we are weak and we need Him to be strong.

We pray to worship and honor Him. We pray so that we can have a relationship with Him, and when we pray we are submitting to Him. In a generation where we are taught to be so independent let us be dependent on Him. Let us be under His authority and as we do, let our actions speak louder than words. Hannah submitted in praying and then later received a blessing. Can I take it further and say that It is good to submit to others like for example your husband, maybe your boss? When did submission become such a dirty word?