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Do you ever wonder if God wants to see you today, or hear from you? Or, why you have been given a certain task or why this is apart of your plan. Or maybe you think you have finally messed up so badly, you can’t even worship, let me tell you, that’s not true. None of it. God always wants you to go to Him. And, you’re not alone.

But, guess what? You are free.

What does freedom in God look like?

  • The confidence in what He wants you to do.
  • The freedom to worship.
  • The confidence in knowing there is grace for you and grace for you to give to others.
  • The freedom in knowing you are forgiven.
  • You are free.

But, we are still human and we still mess up. And we are free to feel pain. We don’t need to hide that so we can be “Super Jesus Followers.” Put the cape down, because you’ll be put down.

And that’s okay that we aren’t “Super Jesus Followers.” We don’t need to be. Sometimes we need a lesson. And sometimes we are blessed that God trusts us enough to give a lesson.

We are free to know God and be known in Him.We are free to worship Him.We are free to love Him, Remember that God loves us enough to not keep us where we are.

Brianna Rogers