Ladies I want to invite you to join in with me in praying a simple prayer.  “Lord help me to enjoy You; be the One my heart desires most.”  I promised it was simple.  But it is POWER packed and a prayer He loves to answer. 

I often wonder how many Christians actually enjoy God, His presence and long for more time with Him.  We live in a world now where we crave such instantaneous blessings that if we’re not careful; the blessing of being with Him can be rushed.  Time with Him can become a check off our to-do list.  It slowly becomes something we feel obligated to do instead of something we get to do.  Church services become a blur.  Time spent in prayer becomes less and less frequent.  Singing praises to our God is left only to corporate worship.   Scriptures are used as platitudes to get what we want.  Psalm 37:4 comes to mind.  When we delight in the Lord, He will give us the desires of our heart.  Ladies, this is not meant as a mere suggestion to delight in Him.  He really want us to delight in Him. He wants us to want to delight in Him. 

No one has to remind us to call someone we want to talk to.  Or to schedule time to see them.  When we speak of them; we know them because we’ve spent time with them.  If we are asked to describe a spouse or best friend; we will most likely recall time spent together.  We smile and laugh as we share our stories about them. 

What does this mean to delight in Him?  This simply means we find great pleasure and enjoyment in Him.  No different than we enjoy a spouse or close friend, but even more so.  Nothing or no one compares to Him.  This may sound cliché, but He truly desires for us to live this way.  I want to live this way.  The truth is, even in this; I need His help!

There are so many things competing for our desire.  Moving up the career ladder, being a great mom, a dear friend, a submissive wife, giving our best to our families or in ministry all compete for our desire.  This list aren’t wrong things to desire to achieve.  But we have a choice here.  What do we desire MOST?  We can fool everyone around us; including ourselves.  But our actions showcase what we desire most and in what order. 

When I began to pray this prayer, God begin to reveal to me distractions that compete with my desire for Him.  Social media was one of them.  I make a practice now to not do anything on social media before speaking to Him.  It helped also to remove notifications from my phone so I’m not tempted to roll over and check the latest notification before thanking Him for a new day and spending time in His presence.  He has to be first!

God also began to show me how I spend my time.  I’ve never been one to read four chapters a day in the Bible.  I like to read and absorb what I’m reading, journal, and go deeper in a commentary.  I can’t do this reading four chapters a day and get something out of what I’m reading!  However, I’ve chosen one day a week to go to my local Panera Bread or coffee shop to read in depth.  I silence my phone and I’m there for hours.  I literally get lost in His presence.  Sometimes I’m moved to tears.  Sometimes as I’m reading, I find myself praying what I’ve read out loud.  I love this time!  It’s better than a day of pampering.  I’m loving on the Lover of my soul and He’s loving on me.  It’s a sweet, precious time. 

This is not meant to suggest what you should do; instead it is to encourage you to be open to what He reveals to you and be willing to make changes.  He wants us to delight in Him.  When I don’t feel like praying or reading my Bible, I pray this prayer again. And again.  I ask Him for His help in desiring Him above anything else.  I ask the Holy Spirit to help me.  Jesus promised He would be there for us and lead us into all truth (John 16: 13).  Anything we ask that will bring us closer to Him, He excitedly answers.

Ask Him what your life will look like as you delight in Him.  Ask Him to show you any changes you need to make or any distractions you need to remove.  Open your heart to Him as He knows you best.  Believe me, this prayer will not go unanswered.

Mrs. Resealia McKinney

Mrs. Resealia McKinney

"Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it" (Prov 4:23).