The older I get the more I think the challenges in our lives come because we get comfortable and in that comfort rely more on ourselves than God. God wants to wake us up and unlock the potential that is hidden beneath our comfort. There is more of God and more good things He has in store than we can imagine.

Recently, I was cleaning out a drawer in my office and I found an old newspaper from college that I had a monthly poem slot in. I found the page and read my poem and the blurb with the poem and was challenged by my own words from so long ago.

Here is the poem:


The blurb that followed the poem tells the story “behind the poem.” I can not tell it any better now than I told it then…

“I wrote this poem after a deep and meaningful discussion among the women leaders of Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship at the Univ. of Louisiana Lafayette. We talked about our spiritual walks in comparison to the swamp in the middle of campus. Like the swamp we become still and stagnant. We get to a point where we are comfortable and content with what we have of God. We fail to see that our live have so much more potential. We miss out on more of God and there is always more of God! Even though the swamp is walled inside it still has potential to be a river. The walls would just need to be knocked down. Do you have walls up against God? Because of the walls no new water can get in. If you are not growing and learning new things in your walk with Jesus then what are you doing? You are becoming a swamp.

It is the easy thing for us to just sit still and be comfortable. Do you think Jesus was comfortable on the cross? While this hidden river that is our live sits still it collects fungus and algae. to some this is beautiful, when it’s a swamp. When it is a Christian’s life hidden by tradition and religion it is the farthest thing from beautiful. If we intend on growing and sharing Jesus with other people then we cannot become a swamp. We must be a thriving river that has many outlets which brings life to make trees along its banks.

Let God uncover what false beauty has tried to bury. Break down the walls and see where God takes you.

Are you still comfortable being comfortable? I hope not! Once again I say that I don’t think Jesus was comfortable hanging on the cross!”

  • Published in the Louisiana Good News – August 2003 Edition




Mrs. Stacy Hudson

Mrs. Stacy Hudson

"Be still and know that I am God" (Ps. 46:10).