Just be kind, to your friends. Simple and true. You see a hurting heart, comfort it, speak words of life into it. Isn’t that what we should do? If we truly heard a hurting heart what would it say? The book of Job speaks of our human nature, our instinct to reprimand or show how we are much wiser when we see someone else hurting. The bible is a mirror that will show us our beauty marks as well as our imperfections, it rings truth in the book of Job.

Job is true man of God, who Satan asked to sift. I see that as important but what I also notice is the relationship aspect of this story. You see, while Job is hurting and has lost everything his friends who come to see him do not build him up, they tear him down. They do not come to comfort but to crush what is left of his spirit. They are basically telling him that he must have done something to provoke all these events, they accuse him from the beginning. When Job answers, his response is of a hurt man and questions his friend’s words, “One should be kind to a fainting friend, but you accuse me without any fear of the Almighty.” Job 6:14 Being kind to a fainting friend should be our #friendship goals along with knowing that God holds us accountable for what we say to others especially when it comes to Godly advice.

When a friend comes to you hurt for whatever reason are you listening to them? Are you truly hurting with them and understanding their pain? Or are you waiting to let them know how they are wrong and what you think? Will you just throw bible verses instead of listening to their hurting heart and reassuring them that our God is a good God? Can we show love and not be as Jobs friends? As you read the ending God is not happy with the way his friends treated him, they did not have compassion. They were more worried about their fancy words and correction rather than healing a hurting heart. Let’s go against our human nature to point fingers and tell others how they are wrong. Job went through a lot and all he was asking for was kindness from his friends.