I was having a pretty hectic week, you know the kind where it is only Tuesday, and you wish it were already over.

My 12-year-old storms off to his room and slams the door, and I want to bury my face and cry.

Water floods the mudroom, leaving a smell behind that would make you gag. Is it ever a right time for the washer to break?

The puppy carries off my favorite shoes and then decides to chew the heel off.

Trying to get out the door when my keys are nowhere to be found, again, and I yell, “Get in the car before we are late for school!” 

My to-do list seems to get longer and time appears to be speeding up, slipping through my fingers.

When I lay my head down at night, I wonder if anything I did during the day mattered. I seem to be rushing through life, not sure if anything I did make a difference.

Perhaps you’ve wondered too?  

Does what I do matter? Is my everyday life making a difference in the world? 

It Does Matter

Well, there I was alone, after dropping the kids off at school checking my email when one particular email stops me in my tracks. The title reads, “Read This Mom.”

“Let me tell you a little story about what’s going on in my life…so there’s this girl in my class who is pretty mean…but let me tell you something about my mom…Whenever I am around her, she brings peace to me and reminds me that God is with me. So when someone is being mean, I think of what my mom would say. She would say GOD IS WITH YOU! Those are the words that go through my head when I am at school. To be honest, I don’t think I would make it through school without my mom. I just wanted to tell you a little something about my life.”

I wipe my tears. Then I realize: I am making a difference and what I do does matter. Uttering in desperation, “God is with you” in the carpool line mattered to a struggling ten-year-old girl.

What if we changed our perspective, and saw every moment of our day as a sacrifice unto the Lord?

Because the truth is, we don’t know what will make a difference. We may be moving fast, and the events of our day may not seem to matter, yet somehow God uses them. I have found when we continue to offer up our lives as a sacrifice – that extra word of kindness, the text you send of encouragement, the way you listen and nod to the woman in-line, the way you hold your tongue instead of speaking your mind or that quick phone call you make just to say you were thinking of someone, or how you get dinner on the table every night to bring your family together –all matters.

We don’t know when or how we are making the greatest difference in the world around us, but if we offer it up as a sacrifice unto the Lord everything we say and do matters.

It takes slowing down and shifting perspective to see God working. We have a choice. We can allow life to overwhelm us, or we can allow God to work in the everyday moments of life. We can treat our days as common, or we can live in constant anticipation and wonder of how God will turn the common into eternal.

Suddenly, the to-do list that never seems to end doesn’t look so overwhelming. When the love of God abounds in our lives, he makes everything matter and pulls it together in beauty and wonder for eternity’s sake. Remember, what you do matters. It ALL matters.


Mrs. Lea Turner

Mrs. Lea Turner

"Don't be afraid of them. Remember the great and awe-inspiring Lord, and fight for your countrymen, your sons, and daughters, your wives and your homes" (Nehemiah 4:14).