Marriage is honorable in all and the bed undefiled: but whoremongers and adulterers God will judge. Hebrews 13:4

When you honor God – with your life, with your body and in your marriage, it is HOLY! Being undefiled means being sinless, right, good, unstained, pure. Married people physically enjoying each other is a blameless, very holy act. It is okay, appropriate and fun!

God is pleased when a man and a woman gives themselves to each other in holy matrimony. This verse jumps from honor to SEX! What??!

Who is doing the honoring here? It is the Lord Himself. God will honor. God makes your relationship clean and undefiled. Your marriage was His idea from the beginning. It is his architectural design and blueprint. He honors the people who accept it as such. What a beautiful thing to actually be obedient to God’s vision for your life and for your marriage. Where others fail to represent Him in their relationships, you are given that opportunity. Every boss acknowledges the employee that fulfills their job description.

Your job, your ministry, your assignment is your spouse! Honor what God has given you and He will honor you.

When we cease to honor God in our marriages, but begin to change that design, we are interferring with the blueprint. God is not pleased. An honorable marriage is between one man and one woman who acknowledge their relationship before God. He is their head. The man and woman know their rightful positions to God and to each other. They understand they represent Christ and His Church by their union. They know that they are designed to please each other, to reproduce and to serve one another. They know that the relationship exists only to honor God.

So knowing these things bring us to YOU and YOUR marriage. Let’s ask a few question to find out.

Is your marriage honorable by God? Marriage is holy and is with one man and one woman. Vows and covenants were exchanged and are being kept daily.

Is it established according to the Word of God? Everything in your marriage should align with the Bible. The Word of God should have the final say and be the sure footing for everything else.

Is its mission and goal God’s glory? Your marriage has a purpose, mission and goal. Are you headed in the right direction.

Are you in right position in the relationship? As a woman, are you submitting to your husband’s leadership under God?

God will honor the honorable. He will bless your relationship and the fruit of your blessed union. When we choose to do the right thing with the right person, in the right situation, righteousness will pursue us.

Mrs. Anita McKaney

Mrs. Anita McKaney

"Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you" (Matthew 28:20).