We went to a pastor strengthing class and a man walked up to me and said, “Glad to have you here, Pastor!”I took his hand and put it into my wife’s and said “Glad to have you here, Pastor!”

My wife is the one in seminary, not me. She can sit at her computer and be knee deep in Bible commentary and with one hand she can type a research paper on sanctification while nursing our seven-month-old. Her baptism record is outstanding, in fact, she often can get those who never felt like they deserved God to accept and meet her in the baptismal just simply like it was in her very nature. She walks in the coffee shop and will see a young woman crying and she will find a way to give that girl Jesus.

Here recently Bobbi said to me, “Danny we have to go to Dairy Queen and get a Blizzard. God wants us to go there right now.” My first thought was, “sure! God wants us to go get your favorite blizzard.” But we got the kids their ice cream and we had ours and we were sitting in the booth. Then out of nowhere a young girl is asking my wife about Jesus. Because Bobbi wears “Jesus Tees” (Jesus Shirts) everywhere for this reason.  So, people can approach her about Jesus. Bobbi scoots over and this girl joins us at the table and you can tell she is trying not to cry. She explains that she had an abortion 3 days ago. Bobbi said, “I am so sorry for your loss.” And the girl starts crying. I decided that I should get the kids and leave them be. Bobbi will text/call me when she needs to be picked up, we have done this before. Bobbi then spends the time counseling this post-abortion mother in the middle of Dairy Queen.

My wife has had her fair share of people telling her she should not be a pastor simply because she is a woman. But I can tell you that my wife is doing exactly what God has called her to do. Bobbi pastors naturally. She lives life with an Isaiah 6:8 attitude, “Here I am. Send Me!” That is how my wife ends every prayer during her morning prayer. I don’t think I have ever met anyone who loves studying the Bible, teaching the Bible, and living the Bible as much as my wife does. She is my spiritual leader. I may lead in other aspects but we mostly call ourselves partners. But I can tell you she leads me spiritually and I would be lost without her. She aches when people are living apart from God, she will wake up and pray for people for hours if she knows they are living against His will.

Being a mother in seminary is not easy. In fact, just going through seminary is challenging. From what I have gathered, there is a ton of reading. My wife is always reading. She reads while nursing. She listens to as many textbooks on audio as she can so as she listens she washes cloth diapers, does the dishes, and makes sure dinner is on the table waiting for me when I get home. She reads in bed. She reads in the car. She reads, she reads, she reads and then she teaches, and teaches, and teaches. She doesn’t just go to school for herself but she  goes so that she can share Jesus. She writes 15-page reports while helping our first grader do math facts, while taking our 4-year-old to speech, and while babywearing our infant.

So, ladies, I don’t mean to write this telling you that it is so difficult but it is. Bobbi even has white hairs coming in… and I don’t think it is from the kids as much as it is ministry. She pours herself into people. But I am writing this to tell you that I can handle being a Pastor’s husband. I have got the kids covered. We can drive separately to and from church. I can take care of the kids. I can clean the house. I can do everything she needs me to do so that she can answer what God has called her to do. If my greatest call in life is to be that Pastor’s support, my calling is good one! Bobbi has followed me across the country for my job. She never complains when my job moves us again (5 moves in 7 years). Supporting her isn’t a burden it is an honor. I thank God for her and am proud to serve her when she is serving everyone else. -Danny

My prayer, ladies, is that you have a man that will bless your ministry as much as my hubby blesses mine. He supports me when I am tired and overwhelmed. He stands up for me and he always finds a way to be there when I need him. Don’t let motherhood keep you from answering the call on your life if God is calling you to full-time ministry. -Bobbi

Mrs. Bobbi McMasters

Mrs. Bobbi McMasters

"Whatever happens, conduct yourselves in a manner worthy of the Gospel of Christ" (Philippians 1:27).