Female hands in a position for prayer over an open Bible.

 They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer. (Acts 2:42 NIV).

Wow, these apostles who had just seen 3000 come to know the Lord (Acts 2:41 NIV). were probably a little overwhelmed, or at least I would be freaking out. Maybe you might find me in a bathroom in the fetal position. Ok, we have all these people what are we gonna do with them? I mean, 3000, is a big number. Where do you start, what do you tell them. This is what they did.

The first thing they did was to devote themselves to the apostles’ teaching. Which means, they went back to read and study the words of Jesus.  They studied what Jesus had been teaching the three years of his ministry. They studied so that they could pass on correctly the teaching of Jesus. The apostles were focused on the basics. They were not focused on themselves. They could have easily been puffed up and arrogant about the 3000 that just came to know the Lord, but they were not. They were doing what needed to be done. Study the word to pass it on.

The second thing they did was fellowship. Fellowship is companionship. Hanging out and talking. Getting to know one another. Meeting a friend for coffee or a smoothie or Sonic half price hour (can I get an AMEN). Fellowship is just being with one another. When you are with someone for an extended period of time you learn things from them. When I spent summers fellowshipping (getting babysat by) with my grandmother, I learned things. She taught me by showing me and telling me the things she thought I needed to know. That what the apostles did.

The third thing they did was they broke bread together. You can take this two ways, I take it that they had communion, the Lord’s Supper, together and often. Or you can take it as they ate together often. They had meals together. One of the last acts of teaching that Jesus did was to have the Lord’s Supper with them. Showing them the bread that represented his body. Drinking the wine that represented the blood that would be shed for our sins. It’s important for the apostles and for us to recognize the importance of communion. We go back and remember the time when we became believers, we remember what Jesus saved us from.

The fourth and final thing is that they had prayer together. I imagine teaching these 3000 people now filled with the Holy Spirit about prayer. Living in South Africa, the “African” way of praying is all at one time out loud. This took me a while to get used to and our church is more westernized so we pray one at a time, but most churches here pray altogether out loud. It’s amazing. In whatever language you are comfortable speaking is what you pray in. I can only imagine the apostles saying this is how the Lord taught us now I am going to teach you. They also didn’t just teach them, they prayed with them and for them. The act of praying for someone is not for God. God already knows the prayer. It’s that we recognize His sovereignty. He is the one in control and knows all things. We pray to honor the one who saved us.

So, when we get the privilege of leading one to Christ, what are we going to do? Are you actively looking for that person? Are you ready to teach, have fellowship, break bread and pray with that person? It’s a lot of work and responsibility. Oh, but the joy.  

Mrs. Elizabeth

Mrs. Elizabeth "Liz" Even

"He is before ALL things and in Him, all things hold together" (Colossians 1:17).