snow-1088470“The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us” John 1:14 NIV.

Each year I pray I will not miss Jesus throughout the Christmas bustle.

Holidays are already fast approaching. The gifts, the food, the lights, the Christmas cards, and all the parties can have you worn out before you even begin.

Laundry still has to be done, and mouths still need to be fed…I get it. Really, it’s a bit much.

Every year I say I am going to get ahead and every year I fall behind.

Should we throw our hands up in the air and say, “Forget it! No gifts, cards, tree, or lights!”

How do we get it all done and maintain our sanity and joy?

I believe the answer is more than making lists. It’s more than having a better plan. It’s more than just starting in October, to get everything done by the end of December. Yes, we can trim the to-do list down, but somehow I think there is more to it.

How do we see Him within the hustle and bustle of Christmas?

Is the answer is in our longing?

Because the truth is we haven’t missed Him. He has always been there…we just haven’t taken notice.

With every fiber of my being I believe if we long to see Him, we will.

He is not a hide-and-seek God.

How do we miss Jesus when His very name means, “God is with us”?

“The virgin will conceive and give birth to a son, and they will call him Immanuel.

Matthew 1:23NIV

It’s when our family gathers every evening in December after dinner for our Advent reading; throughout the day I am caught off guard and forget  He dwells within me. The very same Spirit who rose Christ Jesus from the grave dwells in me and you. How often do we forget?

The candles on the Advent wreath are lit, and we take a moment of silence allowing our souls to be fully aware…He is with us. This year I will not wait until the end of the day to be fully aware. I will choose to awaken my spiritual senses to the very fact that God is with me all day.

He is with you.

He chose to come to Earth. He chose to die. He chose to leave. And He chose to give us His Spirit to abide in us.

He is with us.

“And I will put my Spirit in you and move you to follow my decrees and be careful to keep my laws” Ezekiel 36:27.

Jesus is not an item we add to our to-do list to be checked off. He is fully with us in every moment of our day. Won’t you invite Him in? He will always give you the tools you need. He will not disappoint you.

When we invite Him in, He makes all thing new.

His very presence replaces worn-out with rest. Sadness with joy. Hate with love. Stress with peace. Loneliness with companionship.

Being aware of His presence changes everything.

We don’t have to miss Him because He is with us. He is in the midst of the shopping, the gift wrapping, the ugly Christmas sweater party, and the rude family members. His presence refreshed our souls in these moments when we become conscious of His presence.

Let’s choose to live this holiday season acutely aware of His presence. Decide to ponder the revelation of God is with us until it becomes a part of you. That’s where God’s great reward – a life filled with joy and peace – can be found.

Mrs. Lea Turner

Mrs. Lea Turner

"Don't be afraid of them. Remember the great and awe-inspiring Lord, and fight for your countrymen, your sons, and daughters, your wives and your homes" (Nehemiah 4:14).