whitaker_10-10-16_photo-for-when-god-makes-you-listenI would probably be described as a tad stubborn. That last statement also might be a bit of an understatement. I’ve also noticed that I am definitely not alone in this stubborn boat and that many people tend to have this trait. We as humans tend to think we can just handle it, couple that with our womanly need to keep control on reigns and sometimes we just plain don’t listen. That’s when God MAKES you listen.

“In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps.” (Proverbs 16:9)

    Last year we lost our precious son Canaan in the second trimester and we were absolutely heartbroken. About a month later we were on a journey to healing and just trying to figure out our new normal. Starting on a Friday I had some pretty severe intermittent bleeding. I was concerned but as I think most of us with children do, we put off getting checked out and wait and see. That weekend my 3 older children went camping with their grandparents so it was just me, my husband and our youngest son. Throughout the weekend, my bleeding episodes got worse but since they weren’t constant I ignored the best I could. Sunday came and at 3 am my husband was called into work. He worked at a job where he’d be gone for at least 2 days and for the first time ever I cried and asked him not to go to work.  For the first time ever, he did. That was the first divine intervention.

    We woke up and started the hour drive to go pick up our older children. We were going to spend a day in the most beautiful part of our state as a family and I couldn’t have been more excited. On our way down my mom called us to let us know one of our boys was not feeling well. I also had another major episode. We got there and he seemed to be on the mend and so did I so we had the best family day. After we returned home my son took a turn for the worse. He was having an awful time breathing and I made the decision to take him to the ER. That was our second divine intervention.

    We got to the ER and they immediately took him in and started working as he was in major respiratory distress. After 6 hours of breathing treatments and steroids he was finally doing well but they made the decision to keep him overnight just to be safe. Divine Intervention. At 3 am I had another episode, except this was unlike the others. This was the one that did not stop. I ran to the bathroom of that hospital room and realized I was in way over my head at this point and it was time for help. I had just enough strength to pull the emergency cord and as the nurse ran with the wheelchair to catch me as I was falling. I woke up in a new room surrounded by at least a dozen people with monitors all over me and no clue how long I was out. Divine Intervention, people.

    I ended up having emergency surgery to stop the bleeding and my recovery was a hard one but I was thankful to be alive. You see had my husband gone to work, I would have been alone with no means to get help. Had my son not had his first and only episode of breathing problems in his almost 10 years of life, we wouldn’t have been in the ER and I wouldn’t have been able to receive the immediate care I needed and probably would not have survived. He knew that the only way I would get help was if it was through my children.

God lined all of those interventions up perfectly in order to save me in a moment of stubbornness. We all know the story of Jonah and the big fish but I don’t see a whole slew of news reports about fish swallowing people these days. God uses small steps to change the course of your life. My son didn’t want to not breathe that night but now he realizes he was used in a huge way by God to save his momma and he will always be thankful for being essential in that plan. You don’t always see His hand moving but know that there is a divine plan in action. Those little inconveniences in your day might save your life or those annoyances shaping you for a mission. If you’re not quite ready to listen to God, make sure you’re ready for Him to make you listen.

Mrs. Hannah Whitaker

Mrs. Hannah Whitaker

"Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer" (Romans 12:12 NIV).