November...a different perspective #1As I sat and pondered what I would write about for the third installment of the different perspective on Thanksgiving season, the Lord just continually kept laying on my heart all these missionaries that I know or know of that are across the world. This time in the year can be very very difficult for a lot of missionaries This time of the year is about families and traditions. So, without your family, you have to make traditions of your own in the country that you live in which might not look like a typical Thanksgiving dinner.

Over the years here in South Africa we have had turkey, but we’ve also just had chicken because the turkeys couldn’t be found or were really expensive. And here in SA the turkeys are about the same size as a chicken. Also, lots of other ingredients for a traditional meal are not available. You just have to start a new Thanksgiving meal tradition. And it’s a regular work day for most people. Hint hint, only American’s celebrate Thanksgiving Day. So, we as a family and a ministry have made it our End-of-the-year dinner to celebrate all the Lord has done. We have it on Saturday or Sunday after Thanksgiving. We usually also have a mission team here during that time, so there are lots of Americans around which is a nice touch.

So, what do you do for missionaries across the world? First off and of top priority, you pray for them. Life may be very hard for them physically, mentally or emotionally right now or all year round. Living in a different country is hard. We live in the most “westernized” African country and it’s still hard. We have also been here 8.5 years and there are days when you have a “i hate this country” moment. Then you pull yourself together and go on. But it happens. Second, some, life ourselves, depend on support to live. Give. Even if it’s as little as $5, give. We have people giving to us that I know $5 is a sacrifice. It’s a humbling experience to have your paycheck come from others giving. Third, make a plan to go on a mission trip to help them. Pick a country God has laid on your heart and go. Don’t let the money scare you. People are generous and will help you get there.

Below I am going to put some links missionaries that I know that you could 1. Pray 2. Give 3. Go

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