I called to the Lord, and he heard me.

He heard my cries.

He lifted me out of the grave.

He lifted me from that muddy place.

He picked me up, put me on solid ground, and kept my feet from slipping.

He put a new song in my mouth, a song of praise to our God.

Many will see what he did and worship him.

They will put their trust in the Lord.  (Psalm 40:1-3 ERV).

Have you ever been in despair or just feel “down in the dumps” or have anxiety? Despair or anxiety comes from many places. And can change depending on what stage you are in your life. My son who is 17 and in grade 11, he feels great anxiety from the pressure of school, friends, fitting in, doing well, etc. Myself, I feel stress from my just being a wife and having a family.

Am I living up to the standard of the Lord? Do I get angry?  Am I patient? Am I kind?

This is what the Lord wants from me. Be fair to other people. Love kindness and loyalty, and humbly obey your God. (Micah 6:8). To be honest, I have struggled with depression since I had post-partum after my daughter was born and she is 15.

So, have I been in the depths? Yes. Do I understand what you’re feeling? Yes. Have I been in the muddy place as the verse says? Yes.  But…

“The word says He lifted me from the muddy place. He picked me up and put me on solid ground AND kept me from slipping “(Psalm 40:2). This is the good news. The Lord lifts us up! He helps us to be patient, kind, lower our anxiety. He brings people into our lives that speak His words of truth and encouragement. The Lord puts me on solid ground and keeps me from slipping.

Worship is not only about singing praises to the Lord, but in this case, the Word is saying He puts a new song in my mouth, a song of praise to our God” (Psalm 40:3). I love worship songs. All sorts. I love old hymns, rap and hip hop and more traditional praise songs. I put a smile on my face and in my heart. I drive a lot! I drive 45 minutes each way to take my kids to school. So that leaves plenty of time for worship. Worship helps to set your heart on the right path and right attitude.

When the Lord puts us up on the rock and keeps us from slipping, then we have a story to tell. Our testimony is our story. I have come through a rough patch in the last few weeks and the Lord lifted me up. He brought people into my life to encourage me and keep me from slipping. He put a new song in my heart. And now, I have a story to tell.  I have to obey and encourage others with my story.  My story will meet them on their path with the Lord. It will lead to them trusting in the Lord. Maybe not at that moment, but somewhere down the line. I am a part of that person’s story.

Mrs. Elizabeth

Mrs. Elizabeth "Liz" Even

"He is before ALL things and in Him, all things hold together" (Colossians 1:17).