Through the next couple of chapters, we see Abraham and Sarah pass and the blessing is passed down. It was never meant to be just this couple that was blessed but Abraham’s blessing was to be so that all families on earth would be blessed (Genesis 12:3). The blessing of a few would bless all. We see this mentality seen as Jesus chooses just a few disciples to reach the world. It wasn’t meant to be just them spreading the Gospel but it was to be the starting point of a great ripple. Abraham and Sarah pass the blessing to the next, Isaac, to whom will pass it down to his son.

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Abraham buys the only land that he ever owned the land where God had promised him to bury Sarah. From just skimming the chapter, it appears that the natives are giving him this land, but 400 shekels (23:15) is quite a bit of money back in that time. Many will debate why Abraham and Sarah moved here from Beersheba, but many wonder if it is because they knew that Sarah’s time was coming and they wanted to be buried here in the land that God promised them because their faith told them that was their land even though they had no possession of it.  What great faith it must have taken to bury a loved one (and later themselves) at this place without actually owning it and seeing that promise come to pass. But they believed God and therefore made sure they were buried there. This makes me wonder if my faith and my actions merge. When I hear God’s promises do I count it as fact right away or do I make God “prove it” before I take action on it. They had seen God prove Himself giving them a son. So, why wouldn’t they believe Him that they would own that land in the future?

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Abraham did not want Isaac to have a wife that would bring idolatry in the home so he sends a Servant to find his son a wife that would be a woman of faith.  I feel like a water well was the biblical place to “hook up.” The servant finds Rebekah there and the servant’s prayer to know the right girl is answered. She not only gives him a drink but also his camels. In John 4, Jesus meets a woman at a well too. He asks her for a drink… but He was entering into a different kind of relationship but yet both times a relationship is started from meeting at a well. Rebekah is taken to be Isaac’s wife. The last verse says that “Isaac loved her, and he was comforted after his mother’s death” (Genesis 24:67, HCSB). The love that Isaac grew to have Rebekah comforted him in the loss of his mother.

Dare I say it, but wives have a special kind of love that does care and take care of husbands like a mother. My husband is independent, he can take care of the kids when I am away speaking at a conference but he also does come home from work and loves it when I have dinner ready for him. He loves when his laundry is done and I have cared for him. He can and does cook in our house and he does laundry too but when I take the time to go out of my way to take care of him like I do with our children, he feels cared for. The nurturing and love of a woman is so necessary. It is not weakness… loving someone so much that you clean up after them (wiping toilets is no fun…) speaks greater than simply muttering some words. Rebekah fills Sarah’s place and Isaac finds comfort in the love from his wife, knowing he is cared for.

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It sparks curiosity in me a bit, that in this chapter it talks about Abraham’s other family. It tells about his other wives and kids, highlighting Ishmael’s line. But then it continues to talk about the line of promise. Abraham and Sarah knew that the line of Isaac would be the line of promise. Ishmael’s line is continued and we know that this is the line that Arab’s come from and therefore, Islam. Today, we see Islam (radical Islam) at war with Christianity and Jews (for many many years now). But yet, both these lines come from the same man. So, still today Jews and Muslims fight over the promised land and they both feel they have the right to claim that land. Can you see where man’s sin, when Sarah tried to bring a son on her own accord instead of relying on God, has made it more challenging than if they simply trusted and obeyed God. Sin has a lasting effect on generations, nations, peoples… “He lived in opposition to all of his brothers” (Genesis 25: 18). Isaac’s line and Ishmael’s line are still fighting today. But the promised line has a lot of fight left in them and they started the younger brother receiving the blessing.

Jacob and Esau continue the path where the younger brother gets the blessing. Twins who are constantly fighting. Rebekah even notes that she felt them struggling inside of her. Their two spirits fought even inside the womb. One thing can be said about Jacob, even though he went about it the wrong manner at first, he truly wanted God’s blessing. I believe that was at the heart of Jacob. He did go about in a deceiving manner but he truly desired God’s blessing. That is why God allowed him to be blessed because Jacob was persistent in seeking after Him. He fools his brother into selling His birthright and he later steals his brothers blessing.

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So, here Isaac falls into a sin that his parents did over and over and tries to pass off his wife as just a sister instead of his wife. God chooses this time to reaffirm to Isaac the blessing. To me, God’s timing in this is perfect because Isaac’s actions tend to scream lack of faith to me. Therefore, God reaffirms to Isaac the blessing. To me, God always shows Himself to me when I am doubting. When I take a step in unbelief and don’t even realize I am, He shows up and confronts me because He doesn’t sit idle when we are scared or sinning. He shows up and makes His way known. In 26:23-25, the Lord shows Himself to Isaac and makes it clear that the blessing is continued. Then all who are around, including Abimelech know that God is with them. Be on the look out on how God is going to show Himself to you. When your are doubting, look for Him, and He will reaffirm any of those doubts.

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Jacob stealing his brothers blessing is such a known story. We often read it just move on because we know it but I want to look at one character that I have sorrow for. Rebekah helps her youngest son, whom she favored, to steal the blessing. But out of that deception she never gets to see Jacob again. I have often wondered what it would have looked like had Rebekah went about this in a different manner. I have no doubt that the birthright, the blessing were both supposed to go to Jacob… but I think it could have went about in a different fashion. What if Rebekah instead of trying to manipulate her husband into giving the blessing simply went to him and discussed the manner. Women try to manipulate men so much. I don’t feel like I have to fool my husband into doing anything, I just have to ask him. To be honest, every time I read this passage… I just wish they would have talked to each other and it reminds me that my husband doesn’t need fooled for the blessing to be passed down to our kids that we can as parent’s partner and bless each of them. In Jacob’s case, his line would be blessed but both parents could have been on board with that instead of being tricked but even though man sinned… it did not effect the over all salvation plan. God is sovereign.


Mrs. Bobbi McMasters

Mrs. Bobbi McMasters

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