Beyond the calming glow of white lights draped over curtains, I saw the most amazing giant marble pillars leading to an atrium. There was a figure of young man holding a white rose.  The evening air whisked through my long curls, and a few strands fell on my face. I heard crickets chirping a melody that seemed to harmonize with my every breadth.  It was the evening I had always dreamed.  And it engulfed me with a sweet love.

As I walked closer to the pillars, I knew this moment couldn’t last forever.  

After all, in just a few seconds, I was to give me answer.

It was a decision that would impact my future. It wasn’t something to take lightly.

The beads on the bottom of my puffy white dress dangled on the stone steps.  

I had only but a moment to give my reply.  

All of the sudden a giant white cloth fell from the pillars. I could only see his shadow.

“Will you promise?” he asked.

“I want to,” I said, kneeling on the steps.

“Will you promise?” he asked.

“Can I see you?” I asked, clutching the curtain.

“I ask only once more,” he said.

Before this evening I was given a note, inviting me to come here and meet my future husband.  He would ask me a question of purity. I was to give a reply of if I will be a virgin until the day we wed, and he hands me the white rose. But it may be years before we “meet” again.

The words of his question seem so simple, but the promise is so great.  This is something your mother would want you to promise to. Something any pastor says I should do. Is this not true of what Christ asks me do?

The time ticked. And I heard the final stroke of the evening come to an end.

The atrium, the pillars, the lights and the young man, faded away.

Before me lay, one white rose petal with small words etched on it, “Promise me… not to awaken love until the time is right.” (Song of Solomon 2:7, NLT)  

I kissed the petal and whispered in my heart, “I promise.”

My dream wasn’t a dream, but a perfectly imagined promise as a well-dressed Cinderella.

Mrs. J Young

Mrs. J Young

"But where sin increased, grace increased all the more" (Romans 5:20b).