mcmasters_we-become-judas-when-we-push-politics-over-salvationThe Betrayer. Many Christian’s hear the name Judas and we automatically think about the one who betrayed the Son of Man. Matthew 26:17-16, Mark 14:10-11, and Luke 22:3-6, give the account of Judas going to the chief priests to betray Jesus. However, Luke’s account details the fact that Satan had a hand in the matter. “Then Satan entered Judas, called Iscariot, one of the twelve.” When Judas saw that Jesus was condemned he immediately felt remorse and wanted to undo what he had done (Matthew 27:3-4, NIV). So quickly, Judas is grieved over what he had caused…

When I read Matthew’s account of Judas’ suicide in Matthew 27, Judas does not hit me as a cold, heartless believer. He does remind me of a lukewarm believer. Everyone in Judas’ day was expecting the Messiah to be a King, a ruler… moreover, they expected that reign to be on earth and right then. The disciples ask Jesus when His Kingdom will come, and Jesus states not for now (Acts 1:6). I believe Judas, simply was pushing Jesus to bring His reign faster. And when Judas saw that Jesus was going to allow them to hang Him on the tree, Judas was hit with guilt. You see Jesus’ way is the way of the cross before the way of the throne, Salvation before politics.

God the son, the Glory of Heaven, left His High place to come take on human flesh to save. He did not come take on human flesh to make people follow His way but to them from the slavery of sin so that they could choose Him. He ate with sinners. He would have used the Target bathroom, too. Christ’s earthly reign is coming! However, His way is to allow people to choose until the time when God the Father knows that the Gospel has been shared all over, to every nation. In the end times, we will see a time when very few are accepting the Gospel without great acts of God.

The Exodus is our example of what it will be like. The Plaques, the great signs of God’s mighty hand, showed Pharaoh and his nation that the Hebrew God was the True God, and He defeated the fake gods of Egypt. Some Egyptians (Exodus 12:38) left with the Israelite’s because they chose truth from what God displayed, others did not. In the tribulation, God will display His power again, and some will choose to repent, others will not. God freed Israel from their physical slavery. His cross freed us from spiritual slavery and His second coming will free the Earth from the slavery of the effects of the fall. People must be able to choose Him. He gave them FREE WILL.

Today, we see an election… I will admit I am young, so perhaps it is just lack of experience, but this election is filled with hate, unlike many others. I see, Christians (and sometimes I may be guilty as well), crucifying people of the other party on social media and other outlets. I see believers pushing God’s law above Christ’s cross. To be honest, I have heard more about the wrong of Target’s decision on the transgender bathroom usage from Christian’s, than I have heard them share the Gospel.

Which is more important, faith or law?

Because doesn’t true faith lead to obedience?

Then why, church, are we not spreading faith before the law?

One of my favorite verses, my life verse, is Philippians 1:27, “Whatever happens, conduct yourselves in a manner worthy of the Gospel of Christ.”

So Church, as we continue in this election, and we get ready to elect the next earthly president of the United States of America… let’s not forget that Christ, our KING, wants us sharing faith because His REIGN is still to come! Now, it would be amazing if we shared faith and our country decided to follow God for themselves and then the law is changed or stays to reflect the faith of the land instead of simply pushing His law. Because we can push the law all we want… but it does NOT SAVE. Start battling for souls instead of laws. Salvation before politics.

Mrs. Bobbi McMasters

Mrs. Bobbi McMasters

"Whatever happens, conduct yourselves in a manner worthy of the Gospel of Christ" (Philippians 1:27).