coast-102954_1280 Life can be so difficult sometimes.  There are situations that arise that almost seem to be more than we can bear.  Sometimes, more than one situation arises and compiled together we feel as if we’ll be crushed.  The world looks bleak and all hope is lost.  What do you do?  Where do you turn?  How do you get relief?

     Recently Rev. Doug Clay, General Treasurer of the Assemblies of God, spoke at our church.  He told a story about his daughter asking which member of the Trinity is really God.  He told her to go get ready for bed and he would come and talk to her about it.  When he went to tuck her in, she told him she had figured it out.  God the Father was really God because He is the tallest.  Rev. Clay made the decision not to correct her theology and that phrase has carried over to the rest of her life.  While counseling a young lady, who was contemplating abortion and felt there was nowhere to turn, she was able to tell that young lady that God was bigger than the situation.  She chose to give birth to that baby and give him up for adoption.

    As I contemplated that phrase, “God is tallest”, I looked at the situations going on in my life.  It seems that on every side there has been nothing but trouble.  Every time I turn around there’s been more bad news.  I realized that God was speaking to me that day.  All of the situations coming at me seemed like more than I could bear, but He is taller than all of them.  I’ve already seen God move.   

My grandmother is 85 and has dementia.  She recently made the decision to no longer drive at all.  (She had been driving to church on Sunday mornings.)  She was very fretful over missing church.  I have been very concerned about her and trying to figure out how we can help her from eight hours away.  

I spoke with her pastor and he is going to make sure she has a ride to church.  I also spoke with a senior care group in her town and we can put her on a list to receive free lunches delivered to her Monday-Friday.  In one day, God made a way to relieve my fears.  He made a way for her to be taken care of when my Mom and I can’t be with her.  

    Ephesians 3:20 (HCSB) says, “Now to Him who is able to do above and beyond all that we ask or think according to the power that works in us”.  

God has shown me through this situation with my grandmother, and many others in my life, that He can do more than I even know to ask or think.  What situations are you facing?  What giants need to be shown that God is tallest?  Trust Him to do more than you can ask or think.