bokeh-1114249_1920We are on one of my favorite passages in the Bible. I know I have mentioned it before I cannot wait to talk about with you! As we continue, we are diving in deeper to Genesis, we have decided to speed things up a bit and do 5 chapters at a time. There is so much we want to cover and we can always come back to it later on our next go around. Right now, get ready to #DiveWithUs

(Read Genesis 13)

I kept reading this over and over again. As I tend to do. The take away from this section is the wisdom of seeking spiritual rather than material items that will only pass away.  Look at the mistake Lot made a mistake. He looked with his earthly eyes and took what looked greener on the other side, v10-11. You know the saying, “the grass is always greener on the other side.” That doesn’t always fit and it doesn’t fit here. As you can see in v12-13 Lot moved his tent as far as Sodem. The men there were wicked and great sinners. Even though the grass may green on that side and may be beneficial for his flocks, there can also be consequences for choosing what looks appealing to the eyes.

Then the Lord showed Abram what was His. The Lord gave him land for him and his offspring forever. Abram moved his tent and settled where Hebron is and he built the Lord an altar.

(Read Genesis 14)

Here we go, the first war recorded in the Bible. Here is where the grass wasn’t always greener on the other side. Some escaped, however, some weren’t so lucky. Here Lot is taken away with all his possessions. One of them that escaped, found Abram and told him what had happened. Abram then took his kinsmen and went to save Lot and the possessions. He brought back Lot, the possessions, and the women and people. Notice how Abram still isn’t big on possessions. When the king of Sodom tried to give him the items taken in victory of the war, Abram declined it.

(Read Genesis 15)

I love this. The Lord came to Abram in a vision. The Lord took responsibility to show Abram. What did the Lord use as an example to show Abram about his offspring? Stars in the sky! That is not only a beautiful way to show it but also overwhelming. Because it is endless. As you go on, you see the Lord making a covenant with Abram about the land of his offspring.

(Read Genesis 16)

This is heartbreaking. As a woman, I can relate wanting to take control of things and do it in my time, not Gods. That is exactly what Sarai did. She was hurt and angry that she couldn’t give her husband what they both wanted, children. She gave her servant Hagar to her husband as a wife, v3. However after it was all done and Hagar conceived, I believe the emotions started to eat away at her. She started to feel upset, she regretted what she had done. She over thought things, don’t we all do that? I do over the simplest of things. So what she was feeling she could actually take out on Hagar. I believe that Sarai was more upset with what she allowed rather than what Hagar did. Hagar was only following orders from her mistress. Hagar couldn’t deal with what was being done and fled. She was met by an angel, who talked with her. In a way comforted her by telling her that her offspring would be multiplied. She was told to return to her mistress and submit to her. Can you imagine?

(Read Genesis 17)

I get goosebumps or as I call them faithbumps here. The Lord appeared to Abram. Right there in front of him. Here is where the Lord changed his name, since he shall be the father of a multitude of nations, his name is now Abraham v4-5. Here we move on to his wife Sarai, her name is changed to Sarah. The Lord goes on to explain that she will have a son. Here Abraham laughs and talks to himself, he starts in a way question God about how this will be done. Sarah is 90 years old and Abraham is 100 years old. God goes on to say that Sarah will have a son and they will name him Isaac. This should happen in the next year. What if God told you something that almost seemed impossible was going to happen to you in the next year? How would you react?

Mrs Cassandra Gay

Mrs Cassandra Gay

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