mcmasters_the-armort-to-stand-firm_belt-breastplate-and-shoes-part-2Put on the Belt of Truth!

So to be completely honest, we must start this by asking “what pants was this belt holding up”? I say it sarcastically, but Roman armor had more of what are leggings than pant pants, I mean just look at that picture lol. (I LOVE MY LEGGINGS!)

The belt is such a necessary part of our spiritual armor. The belt of truth. Knowing Truth is one of our biggest accessories for battle. When we know Truth, we know the false teaching and teachers. We can tell the difference in the Gospel truth and Satan’s twists. Satan’s lies sometimes look very close to Truth. One of Satan’s names lets us understand this better. Lucifer means “light bearer” and he can reflect God’s light in a bent direction just as a reflection does. Reflections are bent rays of light. He can twist the light so suddenly that it still lights but not in the same way. A reflection is never as good as the real thing. We must put on our Belt of Truth to distinguish between the real thing and a reflection. The Roman armor belt protected the lower abdomen of the soldier but also carried his weapon on it. In my Bible, it states, “Girded your lions with truth” (Ephesians 6:14). Girded means to encircle a person. A soldier would do this to be ready for battle. Christian’s must have the Belt of Truth to be ready for their spiritual battle.

Put on the Breastplate of Righteousness!

Right now, I am nursing my son (who is six months old), so to be honest when I think of a breastplate my first thought was, “does it unlatch, can you nurse in it?” There has to be at least one other woman out there that is nursing a baby and just feel like she can’t even wear normal tops anymore, how in the world are we going to wear a breastplate!

But the breastplate protects the heart. Satan will attack our heart. We question our worth; we wonder if we are good enough, and we start forgetting to trust God because we are too busy wondering if we are loved? Does He love me because sometimes I fall and other times I fall hard and even when I do something good I don’t do it as good as her? Does He love me even though I don’t look like the next person? Does He love me when I cannot grasp some of the deep theological concepts we are studying until a week or two after my classmates because I learn differently? The answer that your breastplate would hold is yes! Yes, He loves you. Yes, He wants you. Yes, it is okay not to be like the next person. Our breastplate will guard our heart.

The protection of our heart is Christ LOVES US! And we can know it by looking at the cross. Sister, He took that cross even knowing all your failures, all your hang-ups, all your annoying little things about you. HE DID IT FOR YOU. He didn’t do it because you were perfect but because He desperately wants you. That is the breastplate. It can protect your heart from low self-esteem or low self-worth. Let HIS LOVE be your breastplate.

Put on the Footgear of Readiness!

Will it be TOMS or will it be Boots? Or will it be flip-flops? One thing about a pair of shoes is that when you have them on you are typically ready to go. It is the last thing in the McMasters’ household that we put on. When this momma yells, “PUT ON YOUR SHOES!” Every child and one husband then scurry to the door to put on their shoes because they know that means, “Let’s GO!”. What does it look like to have spiritual shoes on?

Having spiritual shoes on means, we are ready. We are ready to be witnesses (Acts 1:8), we are ready to give a defense for the hope we have (1 Peter 3:15), and we are ready to pick up our cross and follow Christ (John 21:19-22). We are to follow Him which means we must be ready to go. Too many times we armed with God’s Word, but we fail to speak it to others. We hoard what we have learned for our own good instead of sharing it with others. Too many times we fail to witness when our story could help set others free. Too many times we have done all the prep. We have our clothes on, we have our hair done, and our make-up on but we don’t put on our shoes because we aren’t going anywhere… PUT YOUR SHOES ON AND GO, Sister! GO! And currently, I am sitting at my computer with my boots on, but I am not going anywhere but here is the thing… I am fully ready. If my phone rang and a church member (or anyone for that matter) needed me to come pray with them, take them to the hospital, etc. All I would have to do is GO. I am ready! Are you ready?

How do we put on our belt, breastplate, and shoes are spiritually on?

  1. We can study and know the Word of God.
  2. Prayer and listening to the Holy Spirit.
  3. Encouragement and correction from fellow believers.
  4. We can obey.

[1] Image courtesy of Pixabay

Mrs. Bobbi McMasters

Mrs. Bobbi McMasters

"Whatever happens, conduct yourselves in a manner worthy of the Gospel of Christ" (Philippians 1:27).