My Dearest Daughter,

I know what you’re going through isn’t exactly what you would have asked for. But if you could see the big image, you’d choose this pixel among the thousands that make up the whole picture.

I know the pain you’re feeling is real. The heartache that leaves your pillow drenched in tears is aching my own heart. I want to draw near to you- will you ask that of me? I want you to want me. Hold on to me. Release everything else from your hands and grab tightly to my truth. I get that your future might seem unclear, but trust that my eyes see with clarity.

You’ve asked to hear my voice, however, there are some distractions in your life that mute me. I would love your attention, sweet girl. My eyes are fixed on you, but your eyes are fixed on other things. I know you’ve questioned my love for you because of the hardships that you’ve faced. But I’ve written you an extensive love letter to prove how much I passionately love you. I know it’s hard to read my Word when you’re confused and upset at me, but when you start reading it, you’ll realize my desire to be in close relationship with you.

Lastly, my sweet child, you are so beautiful! I know you don’t always believe me when I tell you that. Have you ever seen a marvelous sunrise or sunset- the kind with brilliant yellows, oranges, pinks, and purples? I love designing those every day! Want to know a not-so-secret fact?

YOU are more beautiful than the most extravagant sunrise and sunset.

Trust that your life is in my hands. I am faithful to my promises, and I haven’t left your side. I want you to recognize my voice, so keep relentlessly pursuing me. I’ve loved you before you were born and I haven’t stop loving you! Nothing you do could separate you from my love!

Go ahead and take a look in the mirror- you are loved by me, you are worth it, you are beautiful, you are cherished, and you are mine. Oh, how I love you!!

Walk in that truth today- YOU ARE LOVED.

Prayer: Thank you, Jesus, for your daughters. Thank you that you’ve created them uniquely and perfectly. You are so patient with us as we walk in a relationship with you- you don’t give up when we struggle to pursue you. Thank you for being faithful to your promises. Let us be aware of what distracts us and keeps us from you so that we can turn from those to face you. Let us run to you with our needs and burdens, trusting that your hands are big enough to hold them! You are such a good Dad and friend- we love you! In Jesus name, Amen!

Ms. Jennifer Dutton

Ms. Jennifer Dutton

"What the enemy meant for harm, God intended for good for the saving of many lives" (Genesis 50:20)