The Redemption Story is birthed… (Read Genesis 4)

Sex. It is often looked at as a naughty little word. However, I like it. ☺  It is, in fact, the first step that Adam and Eve must take in allowing God’s redemption plan to unfold, you see, God throughout His whole redeeming plan works with people. He promises a seed of Eve’s that would deliver them from their sin. But it would take Eve delivering first. Within, the very act of sex unfolds the action that would lead to Eve’s seed beating Satan and sin forevermore. Sex is part of the holy redemption plan. In the context of marriage, it is God ordained. And it was necessary for our salvation. The creator who molded Adam from dirt and molded Eve with his rib… also designed the hormones and orgasm. He created our bodies to do that! How fun! (So, we can, in fact, thank God after that wonderful orgasm!) And it should be done, in the context in which He designed it for…between a man and a woman., more specifically, husband and wife.

So in verse one, Adam and Eve, by having sex conceive and birth a son. Eve notes God’s hand in helping this occur. Commentaries suggest that Eve is referring to the promise in 3:15  1 but I have always read it and a different thought comes to my mind. Here, is the first live human birth… how would Adam know how to help his wife? How would they know to cut the cord, etc? I have given birth and I am not sure I could tell you… I mean it is natural. But I would also not naturally know what to do. They kind of didn’t have google or Siri to look it up for them. So, I could see the LORD telling her what phase of labor she was in, when it was time to push (even though she was feeling the need to), and what if… He was the one who told Adam when to get ready to catch that baby! ☺ But I am going to say that it both starts the promise of 3:15 (many seeds later) and the birthing coach explanation.

Now, that the first baby is born! His brother comes quickly after. One cares for the ground and one cares for livestock. Cain oversaw the ground and Abel oversaw the animals. These were both things that Adam was to care for in the garden. Now being divided up among the family to care for. And we come to the first offering.

I will not lie to you; I have no idea what is making them offer an offering to the Lord. Did God tell them to? All I know is it is not specified in the Word… we can make all kinds of assumptions from God told them to bring an offering or we can think that they just felt led to make an offering to God. But here is Cain offering the fruit of his work. And Abel the fruit of his work. One is looked at with favor more than the other.

I have often wondered why God did not appreciate Cain’s offering. But Abel offered the fat of an animal… so the animal had to die.

I do not think that God was not happy with Cain’s offering but what I am considering is that God was starting here and reminding them that the payment for sin is death. Perhaps, God told them to bring an offering and he wanted to see both boys bring the best of their work… but it would be the blood that would be necessary and He was going to teach them this after the offerings have been offered but God could sense Cain’s sin growing. Sin got in the way of the lesson. Cain moves swiftly to murdering his brother even before he asks God why his offering was not as favorable. Jealousy, pride, sin… again gets in the way and separates man from God even more. And because of this, Cain is cast out. Scripture list a bit of Cain’s line and it is filled with violence and sin.

Then we read the line of Adam and Eve’s third son, Seth. (Read Chapter 5 and 6)

Seth’s line brings the line that would lead to the promised seed in 3:15. Noah comes from the line of Seth. Sin took over the world. Only one family could be saved from it. I have heard so many refer to chapter 6-7 as a mean God who wiped out man… but I see an out pour of grace in these passages. Grace that would not let the sin continue. Grace in the fact that God stops sin before there was not even one family that could be saved. But yet, He still saves. I am so thankful that God stopped sin and redirected Noah. Sin would continue but it would never overpower God. Praise His HOLY NAME.

Note: Image is of my sweet baby boy, Henry…


1 John J. Davis. Paradise to Prison: Studies in Genesis (Salem, WI: Sheffield Publishing Company, 1975), 98.

Mrs. Bobbi McMasters

Mrs. Bobbi McMasters

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