God is first. He is always first but then managing the rest of my life can be a struggle. If I did not put God first, there is no way I could handle my life. I am one of those ­women who are a working wife and mom, the so called “Wonder Woman”.
I loved that show by the way.

I was an 80’s girl, so many of us young girls looked up to her,especially my best friend and I. Diana was strong and had beautiful eyes and hair. She had a man that loved her and a great job!

The best part was her super powers!

She fought injustice,evil and kept it all together. You go, girl! I knew if Diana could do it, so could I. 

Then it happened….

I graduated college and went into nursing full time. I married immediately afterwards and two children followed.I was Wonder Woman…without the powers.

That is what I was missing most. We need power, the power to do what God has called us to do in whichever situation we find ourselves. Wives need wife power. Moms need mom power and we all need Work power.

Wife Power.

Have you ever read “Power of a Praying Wife” by author Stormie Omartian? Prayer is powerful. However, it is not the act of prayer, but rather, it is our faith in the One who we are praying too, that makes the difference.

remember wondering how to manipulate my husband into doing what I wanted in our earlier years of marriage. There had to be a way, I thought.

Maybe great sex was the key, maybe amazing food or cheering on his favorite team would sway him. To my surprise and disappointment, those things actually worked…temporarily.

However, I did not get what I was really after. I did not want to manipulate. I wanted him to want to do what I wanted. Ever been there?

Enter wife power. The power came in prayer. My nagging, manipulation and 5 star meals were nothing compared to God’s ability to steer my husband towards his wife.

For example, I was so frustrated about his choice of music, maybe I was selfish, but I was also concerned for what was entering my household in the form of music. So this time…

I prayed.

I prayed for months and I trusted God. I mentioned it to my husband and left it alone. I left it to God and prayed for peace in my heart. To my astonishment, the Lord changed his desires, his internal motivation and it resulted in what I had prayed for. Keep praying (1 Thessalonians 5:17, KJV). Super wives are super prayer warriors!

Mom Power

I love that the Bible gives us pictures of God as a mother. He delivers us and is hovering over us as a protector who picks us up in His arms (Hosea 11:3,4, KJV). Motherhood is a blessing and a challenge for me.

I struggle with mom guilt with the best of them. I constantly wonder if I am doing things “right”, being a good example and cooking regularly nutritious meals to name a few.

Maybe you can relate.

A change of mindset brought me to the realization that I had been chosen for this role, I begin to see that the Lord had even empowered me for the role. You see, the power to be mom comes from God.

Knowing that you alone were uniquely selected by God to rear your children is a game changing thought. No one can love them like you. No one can impart the Word of God like you. No one can teach them like you.

Mom power began at conception and absolutely no one is as capable to fill that superhero role…but you.

Work Power

Perhaps you dread Monday mornings. If you are like me, maybe you only wanted to only work part time to help out and ended up being the breadwinner of the family for a season.

“Lord”, I prayed, “this was not the plan!”.

It is seldom that our plans and God’s plans for us are seeing eye to eye. Since He is above all and knows that His plans are superior, we really just need to get on board! You see, perspective is everything.

When you are in that valley, you have no idea how things look from the mountaintop. Trusting God with your work whether that is at home or elsewhere is powerful.

I remember praying that I could find a job where I could not work weekends so that I could attend church with my family, but in that season, the Lord allowed me to minister to so many non churchgoers online. I was amazed.

During a different season, I worked in the evening and I complained about that, but did not realized until later that I was able to volunteer at my children’s school regularly ­ what a blessing!

While working, God gives us the power to encounter opportunities that others never will.

It is the power to find the blessing in your current environment. If you look for God, you will find Him. When you find Him, you find the desire and the power to work willingly (Philippians 2:13).

It is not a chore.

It is a service to others, a privilege even. You have the power to influence the world by your attitude while working. What a revelation. How powerful is that?


Have you noticed the theme? Our superpowers are absolutely rooted in the power of God.  

We are weak, frail and insufficient in comparison. On our best day, we are prone to failure…again,but on our worst days, with the superpower of God we are more than conquerors (Romans 8:37).

It is the One within you that gives you the ability to supernaturally be the best at whatever you put your hands to do. He puts His super on our natural and it enables us to live lives that glorify Him instead of ourselves.

Hopefully, these practical tips will encourage you how to be Super, in any circumstance, We can be Wonder Women because it is….

God who calls us, empowers us and enables us to the task at hand!

Mrs. Anita McKaney

Mrs. Anita McKaney

"Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you" (Matthew 28:20).