Once upon a time in God’s kingdom, there was a woman who was kind to the poor people of Joppa (Acts 9:36, NIV). Her name was Tabitha. One day, she became very sick and sadly died. The poor people she served cried by her bedside. But then something amazing was about to happen.

Peter, a mighty prayer warrior came to Joppa and to her house. He met these poor women and they showed him the clothes Tabitha had made for them. To the people she served, she was their sleeping beauty. Her act of service was a beautiful gift to them.

According to Acts 9:40, Peter got on his knees and prayed. That day, Tabitha didn’t receive a kiss from a prince; she received a touch from the mighty hand of God. After praying, Peter told her to “get up.” And she did! She sat up. She was alive!

What happened next? She sure wouldn’t be riding into the sunset with the prince to the castle. She would probably be serving God’s kingdom over and over again.   No doubt making more handmade clothes for the poor of Joppa or singing praises to God.

Have you ever received a handmade item or clothes?

I have, in a unique situation. I help teach English to Burmese, who are refugees from Burma. When they come to the U.S, they know very little English, and have very few belongings and usually no winter clothes, coats or boots. Our weekly English lessons are always more than teaching them how to read and speak English. It’s sharing our lives, praying with them and helping them find clothes and items they need.

One Christmas, they wanted to make something for me. I was measured for a long skirt and top. They knew my skirt size Eeks! It was very special to receive this gift.  I have come to love them as though they are family, not just the Burmese people. They have names, smiles, hopes, and struggles – just like me. I can’t help but think about how Tabitha felt towards the people she served.

Tabitha’s love story tells me the true secrets of being a Jesus Sleeping Beauty:

  • She wasn’t a one-time volunteer. She was invested. She knew their skirt sizes! Are we like Tabitha? Have we taken the time to know those people who are in need around us?
  • God’s power is real. Often we look for a special guy to define our significance. Tabitha was brought back from the dead. God showed his power in her life. How am I experiencing Him in my life? 
  • Kingdoms aren’t all castles, princes, and fairies.  But opportunities to serve, grow, give and, in my case, become part of someone’s community. The greatest love story is with my Savior. In your world, will that special guy serve with you in God’s kingdom?
  • Discover the song of her heart. I don’t know what the song of Tabitha’s heart was. But it sure could have been that old-time hymn,“Make me a Servant.” What is the song of my heart? Your heart?Thank you, Jesus, that in Tabitha’s story, it’s one Kingdom united in His love for us.
Mrs. J Young

Mrs. J Young

"But where sin increased, grace increased all the more" (Romans 5:20b).