I was raised in a Christian church going family. I have always known about God and that He sent Jesus to die for my sins. However, it was when Istacyhudson2 was 8 that I really understood that for myself and started to have a personal relationship with God.

I really started to understand all the lessons I had been taught in Sunday School all those years. They became more than stories to me. They had been planted as seeds of truth in my heart and they had finally come to fruition. But like any child I could not grasp it all at such a young age. Over the years I continued to learn more and grow more. In middle school I joined the church youth group and discovered another level of growth in Christ. I also discovered a deeper relationship with God.

As I went on to High School I joined Young Life and again discovered another level of Growth in Christ. I had an issue with cussing. I realized this was not right and I needed to stop. I have not cussed since. That is a true miracle through Jesus. I have been blessed with wonderful group to be a part of in my walk with Christ. In college I joined Chi Alpha Campus Ministries. It was there that I, as an adult, had to make the choice to serve Christ.

I didn’t have my parents or any friends who knew me around and I could go a different route. God sent a stranger to me on campus who invited me to Chi Alpha’s Thursday night meeting and I didn’t miss one the rest of college. God changed me to a more compassionate person. He changed me into a leader and a person who wanted to serve others. Many years later and God has continued to provide groups and friends to help me discover new levels of growth in Christ. I strive daily to live for Jesus and follow where He leads. “

Mrs. Stacy Hudson

Mrs. Stacy Hudson

"Be still and know that I am God" (Ps. 46:10).