The Battle of Light and Darkness- Genesis 1-3

In the beginning… (Read Chapter 1 of Genesis).  

God created. So many debates occur around these first couple of pages of Genesis; if it was 7 24-hour periods if the angels were created before Genesis 1:1 or after, and when Satan and the devils (fallen angels) fell.

So, before we get too deep, I want to state my opinion on this matter. I don’t care. I don’t care when the angels and Satan were created, I don’t care when they fell, I don’t care if it was 7 literal 24-hour periods or if it wasn’t. I care that He, God, created.Now, with me stating I don’t care… do not confuse that with that I don’t have an opinion but I don’t care if my opinion is wrong. You see, I think too many times we focus on the minor details of creation that we actually miss the big picture. In the midst of figuring out if things happened in a literal 24-hour period, we often forget to look at the beauty of the creation and the meaning.

Genesis 1:1, starts out with, “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth”. Before the beginning was God (John 1:1) and He was the creator and organizer of the heavens and the earth. Out of chaos did not come an organized self-sustaining world but out of the mouth of a loving creator comes a world that is dependent on the one who made it have a self-sustaining process. He was detailed and gently started His creation. In verse 2, we see a glimpse of how careful, “the Spirit of God was hovering over the surface of the waters”. The word that translates to hovering, or in some translations moving, often means to cherish, move gently, to tremble-flutter.1 It gives the idea that God is fertilizing His creation with His presence.

Now, here on day one, we see Elohim, which is translated to God but it is plural in majesty, indicating the presence and involvement of all three parts of the Trinity. God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit are all active in creation. God commands light and there is light and there is darkness. The Bible doesn’t state He made darkness. In verse 4, He calls the light good but does not refer to the darkness as good. This catches my attention. I believe sometime in between verse 1 and verse 3, angels were created and Satan and the devils then fell. When they fell it created sin, which is often referred to as darkness. So here, we have physical creation also representing the spiritual creation.

“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness can never extinguish it” (John 1:5, NLT).

That is why in John, we see that John introduces Jesus as the Word, the Light, and God. He bridges the two testaments. The creator is the light source. The sun, the moon, and the stars were not created until day 4. So, the light that is called to be in verse 4 simply comes out of Himself. God separated the good from the bad. He also made a way for the darkness to not overcome the light by placing the moon and the stars. The moon reflects the sun’s light, which reminds me that the church is supposed to reflect God the Son’s light to the world. The stars also can be seen in the darkness reminding us that even in the darkest times, He is still present. Here, I believe we witness that God’s physical creation also demands the spiritual state. Even in the darkness of sin we still have the Hope of Jesus Christ and creation symbolizes this truth.

God goes on with creation and the last creation before He rests is the creation of man. And then He made man… (Read Chapter 2 of Genesis).

“Then God [Elohim, remember is the plural in majesty form of God] said, “Let US make man in OUR image, according to OUR likeness; and let them rule over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the sky and over the cattle and over all the earth” (Genesis 1:26, NASB, emphasis added).

The man was made in the image of God. All three parts of the Trinity we are like. We are intelligent, spiritual, relational creatures. God, the Father is very intellectual, in fact, when I teach my children the Trinity and how He is three in one I often use our very body to represent how He is three in one. (Note: this is just an example and it is not a perfect example because of nothing I can comprehend can even come close to answering questions about the Trinity.) God the Father is the one that is like our brain. He thinks it through and plans it. He is the one that calls for justification and the payment for sin. Whereas, Jesus is relational, much like our physical body. He is the one that saves and justifies to satisfy God the Father. When our brains tell our hand to pick up the cup of coffee, our hand does it. Jesus justified us. The Holy Spirit is much like our spiritual nature. He is Spirit… and the core of morals that we possess. Every human knows right from wrong. Even, if they choose wrong, they know right from wrong naturally. Why is that? Because we are made in His image.

“Then the LORD God [Elohim] formed man of dust from the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living being” (Genesis 2:7).

God the Son breathed life into Adam knowing it would be that very breath that gave life to the creation that would lead to His cross. Can you imagine Him forming and molding the hands of Adam knowing His hands would take the nails for him? He gave Adam and Eve one rule…

“The LORD God commanded the man, saying, “From any tree of the garden you may eat freely; but from the tree of knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat, for in the day that you eat from it, you will surely die” (Genesis 2:16-17).

Free will… it is something that makes this world hurt. Out of Adam and Eve’s free will comes human sin. With our free will, we all choose sin over Him at one point or another. (Read Chapter 3).

“Why did God allow us to have free will when He knew we would make mistakes?”

“Why didn’t he create better?”

Those are two of the most frequent questions that pass through most people’s minds. If we didn’t have free will, we wouldn’t be able to freely love Him. We would be robots and God does not want a relationship with a robot. He wants us to choose Him, to Trust Him, to want to Obey Him. We often want the free will taken away from others but will cling to ours. We like having our free will but we don’t like the drunk driver having free will, we don’t like the rapist having free will… and that is when the author of death takes on the author of life. Just a reminder, the author of life wins! ☺

The author of death, Satan, gets Eve and then Adam to fall. When they sin, they hide. I often wonder what would have happened if Eve would have stopped in the Garden and instead of acting in the state of confusion she was in. What if she went to God and asked Him for help in that situation?… But she chose to act. What would happen if we would stop and go to God instead of acting while tempted?2 He would give us the right way to do things! He would encourage us, He would love us… He would call us to obedience. God did not plan this for Adam and Eve. He knew it was going to happen but God is not capable of writing sin, it goes against His very nature. He allowed it to happen but if he restricted the free will what would be the point in having free will? Bad things happen because of human free will. So many times, we blame him for a faulty plan when really His plan is the redemption plan to our free will. And that is exactly, where Grace if found even at the start of Genesis.

Out of Grace, He creates the creation that would mean He would come down and become human and take the cross to redeem us. You see this proclamation in what He says in Genesis 3 after sin entered the world. God speaking to Satan, “He shall bruise you on the head, and you shall bruise him on the heel” (Genesis 3:15, NASB). Jesus would take a hit but not be defeated. When Jesus rose from the dead it meant that not even sin and death could keep our King… that defeats Satan who does not have that kind of power. Jesus takes a hit on the heel but Satan takes the hit on the head.

The Fall hurt us. It gives us a sense of guilt and a separation from God.3 But Christ loved us too much for that separation to be permanent and He did not want physical and spiritual death to be our end. He took the nails, He died on the cross, but HE ROSE VICTORIOUS for me and you. He loves you, dear one! I hope you know that. I hope you know and have accepted Him. Give Him your sin. He is worth it. Dive into His Cleansing! The Light overcomes darkness.

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