I never realized that God has pursued me for years, that He was preparing me for ministry. It begins back when I was about five or six years old…

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While my mom was going to school and working, I spent a lot of time out on my Great Grandma’s farm. I believe I was in God’s country now looking back, the fields and rows of corn and beans. Getting to roam the land, however, I didn’t realize the rich history of the land I stood upon.mycallcassandra

It held the rippling effect to where I am now. As I spent time on that farm, I saw a community come out to my Great Grandma’s. Women would come out to visit her or we would go to town, to the church with the big red door, and I would get to witness this community of women together. There was a range of ages and they longed to have not only the relationships with each other but a relationship with God; whether it was around her table on the farm or in the basement of that church.

At that point, I thought it was another thing that she did; and it was, however, it was bigger than that. It put everything in perspective of what God had placed on my heart.  I have always wanted that type of community and I would search for it in other places.

Community. Relationship with God. Opening the Bible and soaking in His Word.

Over the past couple of years, I could feel God nudging me. I kept telling Him, I am already a part of a Women’s Bible Study, I volunteer with children for Awanas at our church, and I was showing up on Sunday.” I was doing what I could and still trying to maintain my family. I led a table at my church’s Bible study. Women hold a special place in my heart and I believe that was lit in me by watching my Great Grandma.

Again, I would feel Him nudge me… that is where Instagram came into place. I began posting more scripture on it through my Instagram or Facebook page. I wasn’t sure what else I could do. As He nudged me again I heard, “Jesus Mail.” God was telling me to reach out to His daughters. I bought cute cards and post-its and #JesusMail became a reality. In the card, was an empowering message and I would place a post-it note inside with a scripture on it. However, I would not put the whole scripture out. His Daughters would have to open up their Bible to find these scriptures. Out of that, I saw daughters rise up and  began studying their Bible. They longed and they were thirsty for His Word.

Again, He nudged. That is when I began searching for writers, the community was slowly being put together. Long story short, here you find Daughters of the Deep. God placed the right people in the path of this ministry and has been on fire since.

I am longing to create that community for daughters of the King. I want them to begin to fill that longing they have with God’s Word and build a relationship with Him. There is something powerful and beautiful when women come together in the name of Jesus. It will begin a revival, we will reach women all over the world and challenge them to study God’s Word. I want to emphasize that God’s Word is powerful. It is powerful because God is speaking, He is speaking to you. God spoke to life the shapes that created this earth and everything on it, so if He spoke it into life and the Bible is God speaking, then the Bible is filled with his breath and the Holy Spirit.

My vision and prayer for everyone that comes to Daughters of the Deep is that it helps light that fire deep within in you. That you continue, or even begin, your journey growing closer to God, and that you build that relationship. That you desire and take the time to pray with Him and talk to him throughout your day, not just when things are bad. Praise Him in that storm. Praise Him even when you can’t see a way out of what you are going through. Our God is a God of miracles, He is the God of the impossible, and He has you, sweet daughter. I hope you open your Bible and that you keep reading it even when you don’t get it. There will be times where you won’t understand but remember to always pray before you study, as you study, and when you end studying the Word. Invite God into those moments, ask Him to lead you and show you what He wants you to know. You need to make this step to grow closer to Him. I also pray that you will feel a part of this community and even look for one in your local church to help you grow even more with God.

I look forward to diving in deeper with you on Sept 13th when we go through the Bible every Tuesday. I challenge you to move deeper with us. This is for the Glory of God and the relationship you will build with Him. Let’s rise up as Daughters!


Mrs Cassandra Gay

Mrs Cassandra Gay

"Sanctify them in the truth; your word is truth " John (17:17).