mycallbobbimcmastersSo, God called me to ministry. (You should read my testimony to get the full picture!) READ IT HERE

I am still pretty shocked. For the first couple of years, I told Him No. He totally had the wrong girl. But then my son died. He passed away at 4 days old and God called me to speak at his memorial service. To give a reason for my hope. I stood up and only cried during one part… A girl who before could never speak in front of people was filled with the Spirit to speak, to teach…His gift is still present today. Without Him I could not have done it/do it. But I kept telling God no to Pastoring.

But then He convinced me to take a Bible class at Liberty University. I was majoring in accounting and  so I did make Biblical Studies my minor. My first Bible class was the Old Testament Survey class. That class hooked me! I fell in love with studying God’s Word! After that class, I called and changed my major to Biblical and Theological studies and kept my minor of Biblical studies! About a month before I graduated with my bachelor’s, God started wrestling with me to get my Masters in Divinity. So here I sit, typing this blog and looking at a ton of books piled high with homework I must read. I wouldn’t change it!

When I first started school, I thought God was calling me to Women’s Ministry. More specifically to share the gospel with grieving parents, since we are grieving parents ourselves. I started a ministry for NICU parents and would go share the gospel story with them and pray with them. Out of 558 families that I went and prayed with, 237 told me they either accepted Jesus for the first time or followed Him more deeply because of my ministry. God amazed me! What He does with a little bit of obedience! I thought that was God telling me that was where I was supposed to be, my affirmation. But then we moved.

We moved to Washington (Washington state that is not D.C.).  And here, I live pretty far from a NICU so that ministry came to a close. Even though I do still phone counsel a lot of grieving parents, this ministry will always have a place in my heart cause it is part of my witness. But we moved. And our new church did not have a women’s ministry. This bugged me. How were these women not having a weekly Bible Study together? I just could not imagine a church without study. So, instead of complaining about it I simply did something about it. “See a need, fill a need”. I started a women’s ministry under the guidance and welcoming of our Pastor.

I led the Bible studies there, I started a women’s shelter outreach program where I baptized 5 girls… I thought I was listening to God! Because He told me to do all. He allowed me to do it. All to God’s glory not mine.

Then for one of my classes, l I had to preach. I was always taught that women did not preach or teach men. So, this was a rather difficult assignment for me. But I called my Pastor and asked him, “For a final, could I preach?” and without hesitation, he said, “Yes, can you do it on the 21st…”. I said yes. (Since then, I have come to realize His call does involve me preaching, a blog will be coming about women’s roles… look for it!)

I hung up the phone thinking, this man is crazy! Letting me preach. I didn’t know that God put Pastor Bob Russell in my life to prove that pastoring was where He was calling me. I didn’t realize that Pastor Bob would also be the one to introduce to me the idea of being called to more than women’s ministry. But then God threw a curveball and moved us across the state.

I got to my new church. Filled out the application for my local license for the Nazarene church and soon was sitting in front of part of the church board interviewing for that license. They asked the question, “Where do you feel called?” And I answered women’s ministry. It left a horrid taste in my mouth. On the car ride home, very clearly… God said, “Evangelical Pastor”. I am not called to be a women’s ministry pastor. I am called to be an evangelical pastor. I felt so much freedom and release that night when I embraced it. Joy. Pure joy came from simply realizing what He wants me to do! But He does want me active in women’s ministry, don’t get me wrong! He knows I enjoy it and it allows me to have fun in ministry too!

But as the months went on, I have learned that I love to teach as well as spread the gospel. Because teaching is a very important step to sharing the gospel. People have to be taught how to Follow Him after making the choice to follow Him. But then through prayer, God revealed a little more of what I am to do.

He wants me teaching his church to think evangelically again. Christendom has hurt the church. And this need corrected. The gospel must be shared and God must be worshiped and for Him to be worshiped fully means praising Him through witnessing and fulfilling the Great Commission. So teaching, evangelism, and helping the church to follow Him… round out my call! ☺ But then he lays on my heart women again. It hit me that I am supposed to strengthen women to know Him deeply, to follow Him deeply, and to answer deep calls! So here, I sit. Typing hoping that you will know Him deeply, follow Him deeply, and be willing to go deep to answer His call on your life!

Mrs. Cassandra Gay and I will be taking you through the Bible, we will be teaching it in our different styles and we are hoping to take you deep into God’s amazing Word! Will you Dive with us? September 13th we will be covering Genesis chapters 1-3 and then journey through the Bible together every Tuesday. Invite a friend to join us! Invite EVERYONE you know! Dive with us, Sister! Let’s know Jesus more! I thank God for you, loved one!


Mrs. Bobbi McMasters

Mrs. Bobbi McMasters

"Whatever happens, conduct yourselves in a manner worthy of the Gospel of Christ" (Philippians 1:27).